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Disability Grants To Help Bipolar Disorder Disabled Man Build Therapy Practice

by Stephen Lake II
(Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA)

I am 31, male, and a caregiver with no kids of my own.

My father is a minister. My mother was a caregiver and teacher. I came from a military family on both sides.

I finished high school and started working in factories. I played drums in my father's church since the age of 5.

In 2005 I went back to school to study anatomy and physiology. in 2007 I went to school for healthcare. I take pride in service work, working with my hands and helping others.

Disability Issues

I am diagnosed with bipolar disorder and manic depression. I was diagnosed at the age of 19. Before then I dealt with depression and ADD.

My mother's also bipolar. Her father's bothers had it. They were all World War 1 and 2 veterans.

Financial Hardship

Before my diagnosis I did factory work. After my diagnosis I had to file for disability due to missing days of work from being in hospitals and outpatient treatments.

After filing for disability, I went back to school and got a trade in massage therapy and healthcare.

I hope to get back in the working field and run my own practice and do volunteer work for wounded soldiers and single mothers.

I have one vehicle that was given to me after my grandfather passed. He was a WW2 veteran and taught me the value of working hard.

The only valuable property that I own is my massage equipment that I've been building up over the eight years that I've been in the practice.

Income Efforts

I also do security guard work. I've worked in clubs/bars. I've worked for senior citizen homes, store security, and personal security.

I also do volunteer healthcare and therapy work for military families. I get a steady income from my SSI that helps with my meds, gas, food and bills.

I go to mental health outpatient treatment once a week. With the skills they teach me I learn to be more healthy and productive.

Massage therapy and alternative therapies is a new passion of mine. I learned so much in school that it even helped me with my own personal problems, physical and mental.

Specific Needs

I'm seeking benefits that are going to help me to get back into the work field that I can handle.

My doctor said that I wouldn't be able to go back to the old factory work that I used to do, due to the strong medication that I take.

This is why I went back to school to change professions as well as my working life style to go along with my treatment plans.

This is the only way so far that I can make a decent living, stay healthy and hold my own.

Any grants for a home business or office would be helpful. My goal is to have my own office for my private practice. I would also like advice about volunteer work that I could do.

Business Idea

I'm a massage therapist and nurse's aid. I also study alternative therapies.

This year I've started doing volunteer work for wounded solders, single mothers, etc.

I'm looking to finance a small private practice. I want it to be nonprofit and by donations.

I have most of my equipment that I have saved up throughout the years. I've had over eight years experience in healthcare and alternative therapy.

I have clients in three different towns. Most of them let me come to their house or a friend's, and I set up my equipment there. They are willing to wait until I get my own office or building.

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Dec 27, 2012
Your Disability Is Your Insurance
by: Claudy


No matter what do not lose your disability because you will lose your insurance. I know that the law states you can have a certain amount of income and still receive full disability! My experience though with friends and hearing stories from others is once you show steady income even if it's low enough to maintain full disability they will cut you off. That would be a problem because you would then be responsible for medications and your doctors. I have seen it happen to people so be careful not to lose your disability.

They'll tell you one thing and then do another! They'll call and say we've got a job for you and then cut you off even if you made less than the amount needed to keep you disability. No one could tell you this but I can because I'm just someone commenting on your story and not an authority.

Go online to benefits.gov and take the survey. After you answer a bunch of statistical questions like age, race, gender, income and so on, you'l get a computerized list of all the government grants, services and programs that you qualify for. It will be complete with addresses and contact information. You will be amazed at all the help there is for you that you never knew about. You can print the list or email it to yourself because there will be a lot to go through.

Benefits.gov just added a video link to explain it all to you if needed. I think it will be simple enough that you won't have any problem.

Once you realize all the ways you can get help I'm sure your plans for the future may change. You might want more education so that you can get a high paying job where losing you disability would be no problem. All kinds of help from housing to education is what you're going to find.

I'm wishing a great big truck load of good luck comes to you. I hope that New Year lucky 2013 is your best year of your life.

Take care and bye for now...

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