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Disability Grants To Help Blind Bruce With Bone Disease Move Into Own Home

by Bruce Donaldson
(Flat Rock, Michigan, USA)

My name is Bruce Donaldson I am 51 years old and the father of 7 beautiful children: Erin Nicole 32, Michael Blane 30, Matthew Alonzo 24, Joshua Bowen 19, Madalyn Rene 12, Gabriell Marie 10 and Katlyn Rose 6.

One Big Happy Family That Could Be Doing Much Better
One Big Happy Family That Could Be Doing Much Better

I also have 5 gorgeous granddaughters: Makayla 12, Hanna 8, Emma 7, Carliegh 3 and Ryliegh 8 months.

I have permanent custody of Katlyn. She and I reside with my sister and girlfriend Tracy at this time due to my health issues.

I was a diesel truck technician since the age of 19. I no longer am able to perform the duties of this position due to my ongoing worsening health.

Disability Issues

I suffer from partial blindness, advanced degenerative bone disease and osteoarthritis.

I have had numerous surgeries and will be having more surgeries: back, shoulder, knee, eye and hand.

I am having painful dental issues and I do not have dental insurance. I rely on family and friends for my transportation needs

Financial Hardship

I am financially strapped in obtaining a home for my daughter and me.

I need more physical therapy that I can't get covered from my insurance company.

I have only been on Disability for six months.

I was a diesel mechanic by trade and have not been able to perform those duties since November of 2013.

I live with my sister and give her a percentage of my monthly check.

Income Efforts

I have attempted to find some online work.

I've also put my resume on Michigan Works. All I have been able to apply for is mechanical positions seeing that all I know is rebuilding drive trains.

I also have tried to receive information through disability for schooling and was told I have to wait six months.

Specific Needs

I am seeking help in finding my daughter and me our own home.
Family Activities Would Be Better In Own Home
Family Activities Would Be Better In Own Home

I want to be able to provide for my daughter the way a father is supposed to.

I need to find ways to increase my income without losing my disability benefits.

I want to re-educate myself in a manner to provide for Katlyn and myself by whatever means available to me.

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Jan 10, 2016
Reply to a highly appreciated thank you
by: Bruce Donaldson

I want to send a message to Ability Mission for all their help in trying to help me n my daughter better our life. A special thank you goes out to to Donald Coggan. I will stay in touch here and keep all up to speed on how things are going. Thank you again.


Bruce Donaldson

Jan 07, 2016
Next step... Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hey Bruce,

Congratulations on getting your story published. I know you put a lot of persistent effort into it.

You now can access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story to get the help you need.

Keep on keeping on!

Best regards,
Don Coggan

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