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Disability Grants To Help Cancer Afflicted Judy Repair Identity Theft Damage

by Judy Beverage
(Normal, Illinois, USA)

I'm Judy Beverage. I'm almost 59 years old. I have one son, 25 years old, and one grandson Wylee, two and a half years old. I have a father, mother and one sister.

I lived on a farm for 34 years in San Jose. It was a small farm with no animals. I babysat also.

Disability Issues

My right arm and shoulder is basically useless, because it only has about 10% usage. It goes numb a lot. I had two surgeries done on it.

I also have ulcerative colitis (colon disease is non-curable). it's gotten worse in the last years to severe stage, and i take cancer medicine to help it keep in remission.

I also have two heart problems called atrial fibrillation and palpitations.

I've had an under-active thyroid problem since birth.

I also have degenerative arthritis and a bad case of osteoporosis. My little sister who also has this.

Financial Hardship

I have Medicare for my medicines; otherwise I would be broke trying to pay for them, especially the cancer medicine.

I have tons of money problems because of having three identity theft problems. I had to clean up all the credit reports and credit scores, and I had to hire a credit counselor to take of everything.

I live in a apartment, but I need money for a handicapped stool for my shower and extra handrails.

I can't work unless it's at home. I have a car but hardly any money to pay for gas. I need a grant.

Income Efforts

I would like to work at home but can't find anything legitimate online. I look every day but still can't find anything.

We don't have church grants because we have a little church in a small town.

I'm trying to find people who help financially by them being millionaires.

Specific Needs

I would like help to clean up the mess caused by my identity thefts and get my credit scores back up over 700 where they used to be. Identity thefts are very costly and will ruin your credit immediately.

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May 28, 2015
Credit Trouble
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Judy,

Nice to meet you. I have my story published here also.

I'm so sorry you have been attacked by three identity theft folks. If there's any way you can manage it, try to get protected. I don't know that much about it or how much it costs, but I know Don has that information in his Workbook for when you have time to get into it It'll help you immensely.

Also when you have time, check into here (free, no obligation):

Disability Digest

It's run by Brian Therrien, an associate of Don's, who he endorses since he also has a passion and heart for the disabled.

Check back with us when you can so we can see your progress or if you've hit a snag you need help with.

Many blessings!

May 28, 2015
Now, on to the Workbook!
by: Donald

Hi Judy,

Congratulations on finding the courage to tell your story!

Now that it is published you can move on to the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story.

Don Coggan

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