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Disability Grants To Help COPD Disabled Senior With Home Repairs

by Nancy Porter
(Tryon, OK, USA)

I am 61 years old and I have several health issues that caused me to become disabled six years ago.

I have COPD, degenerative disease of the spine, and permanent nerve damage in both lower legs due to a severe B12 deficiency that was overlooked by nine doctors that I saw here in Oklahoma.

This is just to mention a few of my major health issues, which lead to me being on SSI Disability.

Two years ago I applied for a loan with the USDA Department of Rural Housing for home repairs I needed badly and still do.

We need a new roof, replacement of subfloors in bath and kitchen, eaves on the back roof we already rebuilt and winterization of our home. We also need money to fix the hole in our bedroom ceiling. In all I needed to borrow about $7500 to get it all done.

My home is all paid for and it is valued at $35,900, so I didn't think $7500 was an outrageous amount to ask for. Our home's equity would more than cover any loan.

I can't remember the title for this act, but I do remember the red tape, phone call after phone call, application, letters, e-mails and "letdowns."

I had explained To a USDA representative BEFORE I applied for help with a housing loan that I had "poor credit" due to my disabilities and inactivity prior to applying for this loan. In the end I was denied due to poor credit.

Well I can't tell you how upset I was and how I truly feel that these housing repair loans for the elderly and disabled are "a hole in one - sham." Very few individuals would really qualify anyways.

First of all, I am disabled. Inactivity and inability to work for the three years of struggle it took me to get my SSI caused my credit to be ruined. "I had no income. . " while I waited for my disability hearing.

Second, very few people below the federal poverty guidelines (that is who these loans and grants are designed for) have very good credit to qualify and if they did, they would go to a bank, as I probably would of have.

We are 200% below the federal poverty guidelines, and I might as well be 600% below or dead because I would never be eligible for this loan. So I now get to watch my home I love rot. And I stress I will die before I ever qualify for help.

Is there any agency that can help with repairs or materials? We will do the work ourselves if need be, but we need cash for the boards. Thanks for listening.

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Mar 04, 2010
Heart goes out to you...
by: Anonymous

I've read a lot of the stories posted, and your's is very hard to read. I tried sleeping but kept thinking about you. How all the years of hard work, misdiagnosis, and pain have led you to begging for help.

I know America can do better than this.

I wish that I could offer assistance. The only thing I can do, is to forward your story around to people I know.

In the mean time, whether your religious or not, it may be useful to talk to a pastor of a local church, to see if they could start a fundraiser for you.

I know that is hard when living with pain. I too have DDD, and am on the vit B shots now. For almost ten years, my fatigue was ignored by doctors because I had the pain condition. Pain can also cause it. Then I insisted they check, and after trying to take the over the counter vit B it wasn't working at all. I have to take one shot each day for 5 days, then once a week, for a month, then every month, for a while.

I hope they are giving you the test to see how your vit b levels are doing, because it's important.

If I think of something to help, I'll be sure to write you again. If you should feel down and want to talk, you can contact me through my website (www.onestopwriteshop.com). I know that isn't much but maybe it can help.

God bless you,
Hang in there, okay?
Don't you dare give up.


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