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Disability Grants To Help Latex Allergy Disabled Cindy Live More Independent Lifestyle

by Cindy Bunn
(Richland, Mississippi, USA)

Latex Allergy Disabled Cindy Seeks Disability Grants To Live More Independent Lifestyle
Latex Allergy Disabled Cindy Seeks Disability Grants To Live More Independent Lifestyle
I am a 26-year-old female on disability. I have one sister, Linda. My parents are Pamela and Scott Bunn. I currently live with my Mother and Uncle Doug Poirrier.

I have lived in Richland, MS since I was six years old. We live in an old sub-standard mobile home with my nine-year-old long hair standard Dachshund

Disability Issues

My disability began during my first year of life. I had two ear and sinus surgeries before I turned one. I also had additional surgeries until I was five years old.

At that young age and so much exposure to latex in the hospital and operating room I became allergic to latex products.

Following the divorce of my parents, along with my mother and sister, we visited our cousins in Louisiana. They noticed a problem with my back and insisted on my going to the doctor when we got home.

I was diagnosed with Spinal Astrocytoma. I have had a total of three back surgeries. The first surgery was in 1998. They removed as much of the tumor as possible. It was positioned around my spine.

The doctors were in hopes that the discs that were fused would hold my spine straight. However, that is not what happened.

During the next year my spine began to curve toward the front of my body. In 1999, the doctors recommended that I have Harrington Rods installed in my back to stabilize my spine.

By 2009, the tumor had presented itself for a second time causing additional health issues. With this surgery, my family was informed that I would probably never walk again.

With physical therapy at Mississippi Methodist Rehabilitation Center, I have regained my ability to walk. However, I do have major balance issues as well as some numbness in my leg.

Financial Hardship

I know that I cannot afford to live on my own with the amount I receive in disability.
My Mother and Uncle are both disabled and on fixed income.

I feel that as a 26-year-old woman I am fortunate to be able to live with them. I help with the bills as much as I can.

I help by putting in $200 a month to help with the household bills. I give my Uncle $30 a month to help with the cell phone. That comes to $230 a month. I know that isn't much but they know it's all I can afford to at this time.

When I need to go anywhere, my Mother lets me borrow her car. I am covered on her car insurance for this.

Currently, we are living in a substandard mobile home that is becoming dangerous for us to enter and exit our home.

Income Efforts

I have applied for Social Security Disability Income and have been approved.

I receive $69 from Social Security Disability Income and $698 from my mother's work record from Social Security Administration.

I am currently attending Hinds Community College. I am majoring in Medical Billing and Coding. I have been told that this field of work is very open at this time. I will complete my studies at Hinds in the spring of 2018.

I have already had more than one job offer for when I graduate. This is a field that has much potential for growth and advancement as so many medical offices and hospitals currently have multiple job openings and do not have qualified coders to fill the positions.

Specific Needs

When I graduate from Hinds Community College my first and most essential need is to get a service dog.

I have found that a service dog would be beneficial for me. He would be able to alert me to any latex products. That would keep me a safe distance from latex exposure that would cause me to go into anaphylactic shock.

He will also steady my balance so that I will not fall as much and assist in getting me back on my feet or retrieve help if I need it.

He will be ready to come home in Spring/Summer 2018, provided I have the funds to pay for him and his training. He is a very essential step in my independence, as I do not get out without someone with me.

It would be very dangerous by myself since by the time I smell latex I have already come too close and am in danger of anaphylactic shock.

I feel vulnerable if I am by myself due to the possibility of being assaulted because of my unsteady gate, and also the possible exposure to latex.

So, the items I feel that would be most beneficial to me would be:

Grants that will help fund the cost of my service dog,

Transportation so I will not have to borrow my Mothers car, and I would like to be able to help my Mother to have a safer environment so it is no longer substandard and dangerous.

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Dec 10, 2017
Don Coggan
by: Cindy

Thank you for all the help that you have given to me to get this published.

Dec 10, 2017
by: Cindy

Thank you for your comments. Sometimes it is hard to keep my head up because since I filled out these papers I have gone into anaphylactic shock for the first time. I’m getting nervous about completing the payments for my dog.

Nov 15, 2017
Think positive stay focused
by: Holland

Hi Cindy,

My situation is not entirely unlike yours. I have also been assisted by Ability Mission. It is important to keep a positive mind set. There are bummer people out there that will say "you ain't going anywhere where you ole cabbage head" like the Bob Dylan song. "Tomorrow's the day my bride's gonna come and we gonna fly down into the easy chair."

You are making some good progress. Do not despair and give up when you plateau. You will gain and plateau and fight and struggle and gain and plateau. If you don't give up you will keep gaining in steps. Perhaps the most important way to keep you going is to first figure out a way you can make a real contribution in some way to help someone else.

Nov 11, 2017
The Workbook is next
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Cindy,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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