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Disability Grants To Help MS Disabled Mom Get Home And Wheelchair Van

by Tonie Lott
(Pottersville, Missouri, USA)

I am 27 years old and the daughter of a basically single mother my whole life.

My real father was military so he was gone most of the time. My parents divorced when I was 10 and my mother married my stepfather.

I have two brothers and one sister.

My beautiful one and only daughter was born September 11, 2011.

We have rescued many animals in my life. In fact, almost all the animals we have today have been rescued from either bad homes or just given a home.

I believe pictures freeze moments permanently in time. I have probably a million pictures of my 16-month-old daughter.

Disability Issues

In January 2011, I discovered I was pregnant with my first child. I was told conceiving would be difficult because I have had cysts and cancerous cells (the dysplasia).

In February, my right leg started always feeling like it was asleep. In March I started falling. My right knee would not support any of my weight.

In April 2012, I got up for work, turned around to get my keys and found myself on the floor.

Finally I was able to see a neurologist and within a few minutes he decided he was 90% sure I had MS but said he wanted an MRI and there wasn't anything he could do for me until I delivered my baby.

In June 2011, I was hospitalized for a week. I was barely walking. They attempted a lumbar puncture several times with no success.

They had decided in May I was not stable enough in my legs to drive. I also was unable to do more than an hour work without needing a long break.

Due to my MS I never felt a contraction on September 11, 2011 when my water broke and my daughter was delivered via cesarean.

I did not need pain medicine after my delivery nor did I ever take any at home for the pain. I was numb from my MS.

I was unable to breastfeed, as I had hoped to. I was on Copaxone for about a year after delivery and switched to Avonex earlier this year.

I have to watch carefully because I can easily overdo it and the next day I have to stay in bed.

My once instrument-playing hands now can barely write. I am walking 75% of the time without my cane. I have little feeling in my feet.

I do have help from my mother with my daughter.

Financial Hardship

The SSDI I receive is barely enough to cover the bills. I had to shut off my cell phone of six years because I could no longer afford it.

I receive food stamps but often have to choose between keeping the electricity, paying for more food, or buying the diapers for my daughter that doesn't cause her bottom to rash out.

We make a drive every little while three hours one way to see my neurologist.

I could get government housing but they will not accept my dog, which I have had for five years. She isn't professionally trained but she walks beside me and gives me something to lean on when I fall.

She was abandoned and I refuse to abandon her. We cannot afford to help make our home handicap accessible.

My mom's little car is often too hard for me to get in and out of without assistance.

Income Efforts

I have moved back in with my mother for help and basically forced her to have to work harder to help support me.

We often take out payday loans just to get by. The only thing left to cut would be the satellite bill but that is our only entertainment.

My mother has horses and we have tried to find new homes for many of them but have not been successful.

I receive my disability benefits, but it isn't nearly enough.

Because I am unable to work, my credit has suffered, so now I'm no longer able to apply for help from FHA to get a cheap home loan.

We pinch pennies and still cannot seem to have breathing room at all with the few bills we have.

Specific Needs

It would be a prayer come true to be able to get a loan for a stable home for us instead of wasting money bouncing around renting places that end up getting sold and putting us out.

It would be great to have a grant to buy a bigger vehicle so a wheelchair wouldn't have to go on the roof.

A good home for three horses and five donkeys would lighten our animal burden.

Money and help to build strong fences to keep our animals in so I wouldn't have to waste any energy chasing loose animals would be nice.

Prayers for us would be a very powerful gift.

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