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Disability Grants To Help RA Disabled Kristy Get Medically Induced Debt Relief

by Kristy Nelson
(Watertown, Wisconsin, USA)

My name is Kristy M. Nelson. I am a 37-year-old woman on disability. I have never been married and have no children. I do have four older sisters.

Kristy Nelson Cheery And Hoping For Better
Kristy Nelson Cheery And Hoping For Better

I have lived in Wisconsin all my life, mainly the Johnson Creek and Watertown area.

I was forced to move out of my mother's house in 2006 because she was moving back two and a half hours away to where she grew up as a kid.

I wanted to stay back because of my job, family and friends therefore I moved in with one of my older sisters.

In 2014, I decided I wanted to get out on my own, so I moved into my current apartment with my six-year-old Rat Terrier.

Disability Issues

My disability began two years out of high school in 1999. I went to my family doctor because I was sick and tired of the stiffness and pain in all my joints.

My family doctor examined my joints and then referred me to a specialist in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

The pain and stiffness started slowly and then became an everyday occurrence. I also noticed that I was really tired all the time and had no energy.

My first appointment with the RA doctor went pretty smoothly. I had an exam, blood work done and was given a couple of prescriptions to try.

My follow-up appointment with my RA doctor was depressing. The prescriptions did not give me any relief. The RA doctor then prescribed some other prescriptions to try and referred me to a pain management doctor.

My first appointment with the pain management doctor went comfortably. I had an exam and was given a prescription.

My follow-up appointment with the pain management doctor was disheartening. The prescriptions did not help me so a different drug was prescribed.

After several appointments with respective doctors and a considerable amount of prescribed drugs that did not work, I was diagnosed with Severe and Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis along with Fibromyalgia, Depression, High Blood Pressure and Anxiety.

As years go by, my RA is progressing rapidly. Because of this progression, numerous surgeries have taken place and I can see more surgeries in my future.

The first of many surgeries started with my knees. I had a total of eight arthroscopic knee surgeries, five were on my left knee and three were on my right knee before having both knees replaced at the same time in 2008.

In 2009, I was told by my neurologist that my spine was going into my brain, which was the reason for all my migraines that I was having.

Surgery had to be scheduled immediately. I was admitted to the hospital and put into traction for seven days before they could do my surgery.

My neck surgery consisted of putting two rods in my neck and fusing C 1-5 out of 7 vertebrae. This surgery has decreased my neck mobility to about 10% of the former movement. I'll have this for the rest of my life.

Besides the surgeries listed above, I have had many other surgeries. These include: two skin grafts, benign tumor removal, gallbladder removal, ruptured ovary repaired, broken femur corrected and hysterectomy.

I'm currently dealing with a bad infection in my left knee. The September surgery on just this knee is the third since March.

As a result of the cost of all these surgeries, I had to file bankruptcy in 2012. Since then, my medical bills are piling up again to the point that I need to file bankruptcy again.

Since 1999, I have had several jobs and at one point, I held four all at one time. My last job I had for almost 10 years before having to quit because of the steady deterioration of my health.

At that moment, I decided I needed to be on Disability. I applied for Disability two times before actually getting accepted in 2012.

Financial Hardship

To start with, I make $1310 monthly on Disability. This qualifies me for $16 in food stamps. My bills per month are as follows:

1. Rent -- $755 per month
2. Car Loan -- $300 per month
3. Electricity -- ranges any where from $50-$70 per month
4. Cell Phone -- $90 per month
5. Truck Insurance -- $75 per month

Total Bills -- $1280
Total Left -- $30

This remainder is what I have left to pay for prescriptions, medical bills, buy groceries, dog food, toiletries, clothes, gas for truck and repairs on truck.

I am not able to live on $30 per month. I accumulated money from working because I knew some day I would be on Disability, which wouldn't be much to live on per month.

This accumulation of money is now gone and I am struggling to make ends meet each month.

Income Efforts

In consideration of my low income after paying bills, I have to look for further income each month. Doing this each month is very stressful.

Here is my list of attempts to obtain income:

1. Community Action Coalition, state and county levels
2. Several churches in my area
3. Energy Assistance
4. United Way
5. Salvation Army
6. Critical Assistance Program through Rural Housing
7. Michael Lafler -- MAPP Program
8. Dodge County Housing Authority
9. Watertown Family Aid
10. Family Members
11. Crossroad House
12. Grants -- including this effort I'm making now

Specific Needs

I am seeking enough help in order to make a better life for myself and to feel good about myself again.

I am tired of trying to make ends meet each month and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. I also hate the fact that I am living paycheck to paycheck.

I am currently behind on my rent and electric bill. I have put my medical bills on the back burner for now until I get my rent and electric bill up to date.

I have been given eviction notices from my landlord these past couple months. I got behind on these bills because of two things: (1) my truck needed repairs and (2) I have been laid up therefore not able to assist with others to make money.

Currently, I am unable to do any work for others that help me with my bills because of a bad infection in my left knee. Being down for six months with this infection along with my truck needing repairs are the reasons I am behind on my bills.

Any monetary help would be greatly appreciated. Having this help will make my life less stressful. I thank you in advance for helping me with disability grants and any other assistance available to me.

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Oct 16, 2016
Thank You
by: Kristy

I would like to thank all of the staff at Ability Mission (especially Don C.) for publishing my story. Thank you for all your time and hard work. I greatly appreciate it, more than words can say!

Oct 14, 2016
Next step is the Workbook!
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Kristy,

With your story being published, you've earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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