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Disability Grants To Help Richard With Multiple Disabilities Get Scooter And Accessible Van

by Richard Hogebaum
(Sandy, Utah, USA)

Richard With Multiple Disabilities Seeks Disability Grants For Scooter And Accessible Van
Richard With Multiple Disabilities Seeks Disability Grants For Scooter And Accessible Van
My name is Richard Hogebaum. I'm a 74-year-old veteran. I have a family of four children.

My dear wife has been in a nursing home for almost six years. She is bedridden, and can't get up or even turn over without help. I've taken care of her since 1987.

I presently live in a one-bedroom apartment that is not handicapped accessible. I have a wheelchair, walker and hopefully a scooter to house in the apartment.

There's not much room and it's dangerous for me. I don't want to trip or fall over things. A two-bedroom handicapped apartment would be more suited for me. I do not have the physical capability or funds to move.

I have lived in Sandy City since 2002 and previous to that between 1972 and 1979.

Disability Issues

My leg condition began many years ago. During the past 40 years, I have broken that same leg/ankle five times. I had Cancer surgery in 2001. They gave me two years. Both knees were replaced in 2007. My right hip was replaced in 2014.

My main disability is my left leg, which was amputated May 2017, below the knee because of metal poisoning from eight screws, from a previous surgery a year ago.

I've had trouble walking for many years.

My medical conditions affect my ability to function physically. For example going in and out with my wheelchair is a challenge. There is no automatic pushbutton for the door to open. I have to wait in the heat or cold for someone to come along and push me in. Sometimes I have to wait more than an hour, so I don't go out.

I now have a prosthetic for the leg, but the energy costs of walking with the amputation are higher than for the general population.

I have other numerous medical problems that make it difficult to walk with a prosthesis, including weakness in the right leg, weakness in multiple muscles affecting the knee and thigh, which is secondary to severe arthritis in these joints, right knee degenerative joint disease, which is also in the right hip, and widespread tendinopathy of the muscles around the hips, which are necessary for standing and walking.

Extensive work with physical therapy has shown a need for assistive devices such as a walker, or forearm crutches for safety during ambulation. The severe arthritis and rotator cuff disease in my left shoulder make use of the handheld devices challenging for me. I also have arthritis in my left shoulder.

I have been advised that a wheelchair will continue to be my primary means of mobility. These medical problems in my left shoulder also make it very hard to use a manual wheelchair.

Distances outside of my home make it very hard to use the wheelchair. It is very difficult to work on normal height countertops from a wheel chair.

It is very hard to get into my car to drive. In addition, I can barely lift my walker into the car because of my shoulder condition. It is also impossible to lift my wheelchair to put it in.

Financial Hardship

My financial situation is considered a hardship.

1. Rent - $950 per month
2. Cable/Wi-Fi - $165 per month
3. Electricity - $84 per month
4. Car Insurance and Apartment Insurance- $192 per month
5. Phone - $45 per month

Food – Food Bank and Church Assistance with food.

Total Bills = $1436

With my only income being Social Security at $1309, I am $127+ in the hole every month.

I have been applying for low-income apartments, but have to get on their lists. The average wait time is two years.

Income Efforts

I get some church donations, with some food and help with a few bills.

I have checked many online work-at-home opportunities, but they have all turned out to be scams asking for money.

Family help is there, but not financially, as they do not have extra income to spare.

They do take me to the doctor and the store at times. I tried SSDI, but do not qualify as I am on Social Security.

Specific Needs

The following is what I need.

• A scooter for better mobility

• A handicapped van (old or new) but with an older one I wouldn't have much money for repairs when needed. I would need a lift for the scooter

• A little financial help (at least until I find a low income apartment) so I won't have to depend on others

I may be 74, but would like to be able get out to see some areas that are educational and enjoyable. I'd like to get to the store on my own and not have to depend on someone for every little thing.

It would be great just to be outside again, to see the four seasons, the flowers in the spring, the summer fruits growing, the autumn leaves changing colors and the winter snow.

I enjoy visiting different things like the zoo, the botanical gardens, the tulips at Thanksgiving point, etc. I guess it's my love of the outside and nature, and not being cooped up inside all the time.

I would be able to visit my grandchildren and attend the special school programs that they participate in, etc.

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Oct 29, 2017
My Story
by: Richard Hogebaum

"Thank you for publishing my story. I really appreciate your help and time you have put into my situation."

Oct 28, 2017
Get the Workbook ASAP!
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hello Richard,

Congrats on getting your story published! In doing so, you've acquired valuable hands-on experience in responding to precise instructions, the very kind that you will encounter when applying for help of any kind.

You've now earned the right to access the Workbook, which shows you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.

Don Coggan

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