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Disability Grants To Help Stroke Disabled Dad With Bath And Stairs

by Stanley Hicks
(Raleigh, North Carolina, USA)

I'm blessed to have two grown children, hoping for grandchildren soon.

I'm 53 years old, a very religious man seeking always to encourage young and old to love and serve God.

By phone I reach people to encourage them. We need that all the more so these days. That gives me great joy.

Disability Issues

On January 4 2009 I suffered a stroke, more precisely a brain stem stroke. It left my entire left side paralyzed.

I have made some recovery, regaining some use of my left side, but progress is slow.

Unfortunately, due to dizziness and weakness in muscles and poor balance I have fallen several times and torn ligaments in my knee.

This has made it really painful to go up and down the stairs to my bedroom and shower.

Sleeping on the couch does nothing to help me get sleep or for pain. I believe that my improvement is slowed even more than my recovery.

Financial Hardship

I do receive disability, which is only 40% of my previous income. I would love to install a shower and bedroom in the garage or a stair lift to be able to negotiate stairs without pain.

Being totally disabled and having nystagmus in both eyes caused by a second mild stroke I don't drive.

Taking 11 different prescription medications each day shrinks my income that much more.

My mobility is limited and I require mobility assistance with medical durable equipment.

I wish I could do housework and cook around the house but I'm unable to currently. Recovery is coming and I look forward to that.

Income Efforts

I wish I could work at home or other ideas I have to increase my income, but I'm not able to plan ahead because of dizziness and loss of balance. Nystagmus in both eyes interferes with my efforts.

I do receive social security disability. Friends and family are experiencing layoffs and other issues preventing them to offer any assistance.

My religious organization can't help because it is operating in a deficit financially due to the economic downturn.

Specific Needs

What would help me to sleep better and experience less pain is to get a grant to install either a shower in my garage and/or a stair lift to get upstairs to sleep in bed and regularly take showers.

So much is changed in my life, but I still want to reach out to and encourage others.

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