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Disability Grants To Help Stroke Disabled Donnell With Transportation And Education

by Donnell C. Moore Jr.
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I am 61 years old, and a proud African American son of Donnell C. Moore Sr. and Evelyn Moore. I was born September 19, 1954 in St. Louis, Mo.

Running Table For ACN Meeting
Running Table For ACN Meeting

Baptized Catholic, I started my education in Catholic school kindergarten through eighth grade. From there I went to Soldan High School but my head was not right.

I started using drugs and alcohol and soon lost my interest. I didn't get a diploma or GED a big mistake!

Moving on in life I found my passion for construction. The love I found turned me into a serious craftsman, with the power to let my ideas run free.

Disability Issues

I ended up with a stroke, which resulted in left side weakness. My paralysis makes it very difficult to dress. But I am very strong-minded with the will to be self-sufficient. I think outside the box always looking ahead and preparing for things to come.

But this stroke will play with your mind. You will feel loneliness, diminishing self worth, loss of hope and not trusting people. Not knowing what to do or which way to turn brings thoughts of suicide. I thought that way once.

But I stay strong, reinventing myself, starting positive and looking for God for the strength to carry on with this test.

My stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke from high blood pressure. Eating bad and always being heavy increased my chances of having a stroke, which I had. Through exercise and a better diet my blood pressure is normal.

Financial Hardship

My disability benefits do not cover my expenses. After rent, utilities, bus fares, home accident and life insurance, my check is gone.

I'm very active in my church with different events and helping those less fortunate than I am.

After being in the nursing home I go back visiting, buying clothes and needs for people who have no one in their corner.

I find buying over the counter Meds you can save money on many prescriptions.

Clothing is a big issue living in the Windy City of Chicago. Winter clothes cost a pretty penny.

Canes and tips they are not cheap at $17 per tip. I have two canes alternating to make them last.

Income Efforts

I receive a Disability check and food stamps.

Sometimes I do stroke research studies and get compensation.

I go to the Asian Human Resources and Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital here in Chicago. They are very helpful and professional.

Specific Needs

I need benefits or some type of grant or loan, especially advice. I don't know about grants or loans or how they work.

I'm looking to get transportation and education to better my life.

Rehabilitation is one of my biggest issues to be able to speak better, improve walking and arm strength.

Business Idea

In the meantime, I have become an entrepreneur and started my own business, although it is not going well. What would be a great help to me in my business would be a grant or some type of benefits.

This would make it possible to obtain professional clothing, transportation, business cards, ink, paper and website fees. I saved my money and bought an online store with ACN.

This company provides essential services worldwide. This is a great business opportunity. I have seen some amazing things happen with ACN. I would love to make it work and go to a different level.

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Jun 30, 2016
Great Accomplishment
by: Donna Brooks, RN

You have come a very long way in your journey. Very inspirational story. Keep fighting. Never give up.

Jun 28, 2016
Vocational coordinator (Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital)
by: Johnathan Williams

Congratulations Mr. Moore your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed; keep striving to accomplish your goals and you'll be successful.

Jun 15, 2016
Congrats!!! You are a star!
by: Lisa

Congrats on the feature! Keep up the great work!

Feb 06, 2016
Next step... the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hey Donnell,

Congrats on getting your story published. Your next step is to get the Workbook, which shows you how to go beyond your story to get the help you need.

Best regards,
Don Coggan

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