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Disability Grants Will Help Fibromyalgia Disabled Woman Do Home Repairs

by Cheryl
(Stuart, Iowa, USA)

I am 49 years old with a husband and two teenage sons at home. Our home was built in the 1920s and needs some major repairs and improvements.

I have been using a cane to walk with for quite some time now. At times when I'm out shopping I must use one of the scooters available in the store.

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis throughout my body. I have become accustomed to falling, which is why I have to use a cane and scooters.

Sometimes now I have to use a walker when I am in severe pain and a cane is not enough.

I love my home and the state of Iowa has already put in a ramp for me so I don't fall down the stairs anymore. Trust me I have really very much appreciated that ramp.

My concern is that as time goes on I will not be able to get around my home because the doorways to the bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room are so small that no electric chair of any kind could fit through the entrance of these rooms. A walker doesn't even fit through these openings.

Plus the bathroom only has a shower that is so small a shower chair, which I need at times, barely fits and the water hits me right in the face.

My home needs repairs and some improvements now that I can't afford because I am on Social Security Disability of which some I will lose when my children become adults.

My husband is now trying to get on SSD because of a mental disability.

I am truly afraid that the foundation of my home is going to eventually give if it is not taken care of now plus my home will be ruined if we don't get some type of siding up soon.

I want to live in this home until I die. It truly is my home as well as my kids and husband. I want my kids to be able to stay here while they go to college if possible. It is the only way I can help them through school.

Please I need help in restoring my home in order to stay in it and make some home improvements for the future. My husband and I want to grow old together here and hopefully have grandchildren here.

My health is slowly deteriorating and I too have a mental disability along with the health issues that keep me from working.

We live in a small town and love it here. We would like to stay here if at all possible with the help of the government and whoever is willing to help.

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Dec 19, 2012
How to find benefits...
by: Don from Accessible.org


I admire how you're able to keep on keeping on, in spite of your disability.

To find out if you might qualify for one or more benefits, go to the Benefits Finder at benefits.gov and answer some questions.

Based on your answers, you get a computer-generated list of benefits that apply to you. The list has program descriptions and contact information so you can follow up.

The Benefits Finder is already very easy to use, but this video tutorial makes it even more so:


Let us know how it works out, okay?

Don from Accessible.org

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