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Disability Help Workbook -- An Overview Of How It Works For You

Updated March 6, 2017

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When you tell your story following our precise instructions, you earn access to the Workbook.

This overview of the Disability Help Workbook will give you some insight into Step 2 of the proven process of getting the disability help you need. So how do you get the Workbook?

You earn access to the Workbook by submitting your story and getting it published here on Ability-Mission.org, following the instructions set out in our Disability Help Guide.

As soon as we publish your story, we send you a link to the Disability Help Workbook. It is completely online and always up to date. You can access it wherever and whenever you're connected to the Internet.

Here is the Workbook Table of Contents with a brief description of each chapter to give you an idea of how it all works for you:

  1. How Can All This Be FREE? -- You learn how Ability Mission is financed so that you pay nothing for the services you receive from us.
  2. Make Your Story Work For You -- You learn how your story is the beginning of a proven process of getting disability help.
  3. Show You're Engaged In The Process -- You learn about the wonderful things that can happen when you demonstrate that you're really working on your case.
  4. Find Hidden Treasure Like An Expert -- You learn experts ways of searching our site and the Internet to properly seek, find and get help.
  5. Shop The World's Largest Benefits Catalog -- You learn how the world's biggest catalog of benefits works.
  6. Get Help Paying For Your Medications -- You learn how to get help paying for costly medications you normally could not afford.
  7. Find All Government Benefits In One Place -- You learn how to navigate the mammoth labyrinthine Benefits.gov website.
  8. Probe The Top Government Grants Source -- You learn what the central Grants.gov site can and cannot do for you.
  9. Apply For All SSA Benefits In One Place -- You learn about the one place you should visit to apply for your entitled benefits.
  10. Get The President To Hear Your Story -- You learn how to effectively make your case known to the president. (President Obama committed to reading 10 stories a day.)
  11. Get Your Elected Reps Working For You -- You learn how to contact your representatives and how to approach them.
  12. Make It A SNAP To Feed Yourself Better You learn about the new version of the old Food Stamps program.
  13. Get An SSA Advocate To Help You Apply -- You learn how to get a trained disability advocate working on your behalf to get you successfully through the Social Security maze.
  14. Raise Money Using Online Crowdfunding You learn of crowdfunding services and the way to go about things.
  15. Use Private Databases To Find Help Online -- You learn about private grant funding databases and how to make the most of them.
  16. Avoid Scams That Only Want Your Money -- You learn simple ways of recognizing online scams so that you can avoid them.
  17. Embrace Opportunities That Are Legitimate -- You learn how to recognize and work with organizations that you can trust to help you.
  18. What Is Your Personal Best? -- You learn how to challenge yourself to go above and beyond your early expectations.

Each chapter ends with an invitation to email us with your questions for a personal response from a real person. Sure, there's work involved on your part. If you stick with it, guided by our free help, you'll be surprised by what you'll find.

If you've already started "making your case" by getting your story published here on Ability-Mission.org, CONGRATULATIONS! If not...

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