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Helpful Disability Resources For The Disabled And Their Caregivers

Updated August 22, 2017

Sound disability resources are a must for the disabled and their caregivers. All resources listed here have been carefully vetted for relevance and usefulness to people with disabilities. Find them all in five categories as follows:

Appearance of a resource on the following list does not imply endorsement of it by Ability-Mission.org. We frequently check links to be sure they're still working. If you find one that isn't, please contact us.

1. Our Own Internal Resources

This section has disability resources that we created ourselves.

2. Vision/Hearing Related Sites

In this section are resources for vision-disabled persons. The size of the list reflects the importance of web sites being accessible to those with vision problems.

3. Health Related Sites

In this section are disability resources related to general health issues. You could say it's non-vision-related, because vision resources are so thoroughly covered in the preceding section.

4. Age Related Sites

In this section are resources related to age. In general, age brings on more ailments, so there are sites dedicated to the elderly to make it easier for them to access needed resources.

5. Social Media Links

In this section are links to social media pages relating to the mission of Ability-Mission.org. You can work with them to draw attention to the case or cause described in your story here at Ability-Mission.org.





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We are grateful to Judy Schnitzer who compiled the original list of disability resources back in the 1990s. If you know of a resource that you think should appear here, please contact us.