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Real Disability Testimonials – Charles Wright, Ohio, USA

Charles Wright

I was very happy to have been introduced to the Ability-Mission.org program.

It taught me several different things that I was unaware of when it came to searching for help with acquiring finances and/or equipment for my particular health needs.

I got guidelines as to what I should include about myself, my condition etc. I learned to be precise and to the point, without being dry.

After I had completed this introduction of myself, Ability-Mission.org reviewed what I had written and made suggestions as to how I could clean up the presentation, before I let anyone read it.

Next they directed me to a website that was reviewed by different agencies and organizations that help direct individuals to where they might get help with procuring grants, etc.

The program also impressed to me how important it was, not only for me, but for others that would ask for help after me, to thank every contact, positive or negative, for their time and suggestions that they may give me.

I was not successful with my endeavors for help with my healthcare needs, but it was not a waste of time either.

Ability-Mission.org helped me understand the proper approach to contact other corporate businesses that have what I need and how to ask if they had any programs that would help reduce overall cost of their products!

This has turned out very successful for me.

Ability-Mission.org was a great tool in my fight to strive for a better quality of life, and I am grateful to Don Coggan for making this help available to anyone at no cost. Thank you Don!

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