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Real Disability Testimonials From The Disability Digest

Disability Digest

Ability-Mission.org collaborates closely with the Disability Digest. First, we help people with disabilities get their story in writing.

Then we refer them to the Disability Digest for free help in getting all the Disability benefits that they are entitled to.

The Disability Digest has already helped over 123,000 people get and/or maximize their disability income.

Their "FREE-Do-It-Yourself" or "Done-For-You" Disability approval strategy has helped over 11,000 get their benefits approved 10 months faster than the average applicant.

Praise For The Disability Digest

Many have expressed their gratitude to the Digest and we are very pleased to share some of these testimonials with you.

  • "I'm supplementing my income now - Thanks"
  • "I absolutely love everything"
  • "Removed a lot of the confusion"
  • "One stop site"
  • "I feel so much more confident"
  • "Really helped avoid some of the pitfalls and avoid some fatal errors while applying for disability"
  • "Has been helpful with info on how to find housing for people on disability"
  • "This information is priceless to the human soul living in a restrictive world"
  • "It's not just a business or a job, it is a ministry and a blessing"
  • "Gave me a lift to move beyond current circumstances of denials from SSDI"
  • "Given me hope that I will be approved for my SSDI"
  • "You can actually learn from others that have the same problems"
  • "The notes on reducing pain, new medicines and stories of others are helpful"
  • "Thank you for this service"
  • "Thank you for keeping me informed"
  • "The most informative, well-structured, easy to understand website on Social Security Disability Digest"
  • "This site has been invaluable"
  • "The most helpful part I found was the information relayed on how SSDI determined what is a full disability"
  • "A great help to me in explaining the proper paperwork required"
  • "Experience, strength and hope in large doses comes from the DisabilityDigest.com"
  • "A godsend to me"
  • "Knowing that somebody cares"
  • "I won my SSI case"
  • "Gives very specific guidance through all aspects of the disability maze"

And that is just the beginning...

More Praise For The Disability Digest

Of course Disability Digest members have written much more than these snippets. Here's a sampling of what they had to say...

Visit the Disability Digest now to see how you can benefit in the same way 123,000 others have. Or start with our FREE Disability Help Guide. Either way, you'll end up getting the Disability benefits you're entitled to.

Do you have a story of your own to tell? Or maybe you know of someone whose story ought to be here? If so, just let us know via the contact us page.