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Real Disability Testimonials – Doug Murphy, North Carolina, USA

Doug and Phyllis Murphy

Don Coggan and I met over the net. We have never met face to face (except for Skype).

We have had discussions by email, phone and Skype numerous times.

He knows how to give encouragement and motivation, and seems to have an ample supply of both.

His specialty is helping people with disabilities supplement their incomes through government programs and grants, along with private initiatives.

While all of the above is true, the most important thing one learns from Don is how to write a personal story and why it should be done ASAP.

He guided me through that process, while providing sources for the task.

My biography, which includes pictures, is on this website. I can refer people to that as needed. I also use a shorter version in the process of making various contacts.

Don has become a friend to me and I value that friendship. If you are a disabled person in need, do not hesitate to contact him. He will guide you step by step through a process that fits you and your particular needs.

Doug Murphy (North Carolina)

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