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Real Disability Testimonials – Roland Semprie, Ontario, Canada

Roland and Vena Semprie

This is Vena Semprie, writing on behalf of my husband Roland and myself.

Donald Coggan of Ability-Mission.org has been helpful in a variety of ways and has become a true mentor.

I came in contact with Don about 18 months ago while searching for a grant for Roland's business.

Roland is a seasoned, retired detective from the Toronto Police Service. Since 1996, he has had a business called the National Pardon Agency.

Now disabled with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, and faced with rapidly changing economic conditions, Roland has found it challenging to adapt himself and the business to the new reality.

After Ability-Mission.org published Roland's story, several people responded in support of his plight and with suggestions of taking the business in a new direction "online."

I had no idea where or how to begin.

What I soon discovered is that I was already in direct contact with the person who could make this happen... Donald Coggan.

Through Ability-Mission.org, Donald and I developed a sound, professional relationship putting together that online business and I speak passionately in describing the value that Donald Coggan has brought to our lives.

Not only is he instrumental in our online business, he has introduced me to so many professionals where help is always available.

I find Donald Coggan to be someone with a very big heart and a valuable resource always willing to help.

Ability-Mission.org provides an opportunity to go forward, so as long as there's a will, there's always a way.

So, Ability-Mission.org and Donald Coggan, thank you for making a real difference in our lives.

Vena and Roland Semprie

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