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Real Disability Testimonials – Rusty Haughey, Florida, USA

Rusty Haughey

Ability-Mission has been a great tool for me. It tells my story perfectly so I don't have to redo it each time I need it.

I use my published story whenever I talk about my patent while searching for startup financing and railroad companies I can do business with.

I believe it helped open the door to the Burlington Railroad. My story has been on the desk of CEO Matthew Rose for nine weeks. All I know is that they're still looking into it and people are working on it.

My fingers are crossed. And I hope to hear something soon. I am still on the lookout for an angel investor that I'll need if Mr. Rose passes on the golden opportunity I offered.

The right investor will have the money to proceed with everything. I plan to give a portion of my profits to help the handicapped, say a dollar a tie. That could add up to billions some day.

Ruston Haughey, Ties Across America Inc.

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