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Real Disability Testimonials – Susan Andres, Texas, USA

Susan Andres

I am going to court on July 22 and my attorneys said it looks very, very good.

I am currently receiving medications for complications from severe depression and PTSD.

My husband is receiving classes he obtained through the VA (a large funded grant).

The same agency is paying our first month and a half security for our townhouse. We had to move out of our rental property as our former landlords were moving back in.

All this help is funded from a grant. Were it not for Ability-Mission.org, I would never known these things existed.

I also found out my husband and stepson's expensive medications could be obtained by contacting the manufacturer online. This is the result of a tip from your friend Ken in Canada.

I utilized your Guide to every word. I was denied Social Security Disability twice and now have the lawyers working on my behalf and appearing with me.

Applying for this was a lot of work like you said it would be. The government does not hand out free money. Making every effort was hard.

I have cataracts and my vision is poor. I still have no insurance but found agencies within San Antonio that helped me get my medications for PTSD, diabetes, thyroid, insomnia, and anxiety.

I have never met you but feel you are the angel who gently guided me along. God Bless and I will let you know the outcome.

I don't know how to express my thanks to you and letting me share me story. It's not over yet, but with faith it will have a happy ending.

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