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Real Disability Testimonials – Tina Kennon, Virginia, USA

Tina Kennon

Ability-Mission.org helped me find lots of resources I would have never found anywhere else.

I found a sponsorship to start my own online business.

I was linked to several groups of highly successful business people that are coaching me along as well.

Don Coggan has also been a huge support to me, acting in many ways as a mentor to me, guiding me to better myself.

I have also had the extra benefit of getting to know through email another person here on the site that is going through similar struggles as myself.

All in all I have benefited more than my wildest dreams from finding and having the benefit of this site, simply by reading the guide and following the simple steps.

Do you have a story of your own to tell? Or maybe you know of someone whose story ought to be here? If so, just let us know via the contact us page.