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Real Disability Testimonials From Real People Getting Real Help

We don't always hear from the people we've helped, but when we do, we really appreciate the feedback.

Read on and see for yourself. Learn about the Ability-Mission.org visitors who have benefitted from our free services in so many ways. Then learn how a referral to The Disability Digest can bring so much more.

Speaking Their Minds

As you can see, our visitors have gotten help in quite a variety of ways. Think of how you can be helped too!

Image of Tina Kennon.
Tina Kennon, Virginia, USA
Ability-Mission.org helped me find lots of resources I would have never found anywhere else, including a business sponsorship. (... more)
Image of Roland and Vena Semprie.
Roland Semprie, ON, Canada
Ability-Mission.org has been helpful in a variety of ways and Don Coggan has become a true mentor. (... more)
Image of Susan Andres.
Susan Andres, Texas, USA
Much of the help we're getting is from a grant. Were it not for Ability-Mission.org, I would never have known such things existed.. (... more)
Image of Ken Stowell.
Ken Stowell, BC, Canada
One thing that I like about Ability-Mission.org is how many people who are helped that have many of the same disabilities. (... more)
Image of Kate Sutton.
Kate Sutton, Colorado, USA
When I found Ability-Mission.org online, I met the nicest man on the planet named Donald Coggan. He was kind enough to correspond with me through the years. (... more)
Image of Rusty Haughey.
Rusty Haughey, Florida, USA
Ability-Mission.org has been a great tool for me. It tells my story perfectly so I don't have to redo it each time I need it. (... more)
Image of Dottie Comet.
Dottie Comet, California, USA
There's so much that can be said about Ability-Mission.org and the help that's available. Does information fall into your lap? (... more)
Image of Doug and Phyllis Murphy.
Doug Murphy, N. Carolina, USA
Don Coggan knows how to give encouragement and motivation, and seems to have an ample supply of both. (... more)
Image of Jackie Walters.
Jackie Walters, Ohio, USA
Ability-Mission.org is one awesome place to get bucket loads of information. I was skeptical when I first visited the website. (... more)
Image of Charles Wright.
Charles Wright, Ohio, USA
I learned abut so many things that I was unaware of when it came to searching for help with acquiring finances and/or equipment for my particular health needs. (... more)

Do you have a testimonial of your own to tell us about? Or maybe you'd like to get help yourself? Read on to learn more.

In A Class All By Itself

We collaborate closely with the Disability Digest by referring our visitors to the free services that the Digest offers. The testimonials of Digest members are therefore of keen interest.

Image of Disability Digest.
Disability Digest Testimonials
The Disability Digest has already helped over 123,000 people get and/or maximize their disability income. (... more)

The Disability Digest is one of the few resources that are approved by Ability-Mission.org. Become a member of the Digest now or get our free Disability Help Guide as another way to start getting the benefits you deserve.

We'd Love To Hear More!

If you've read the testimonials, you know that we help our visitors in a variety of ways. From simply having a place to voice their concerns to getting and/or maximizing and/or supplementing SSDI, we provide real help.

In the end, the help usually has something to do with the subjects covered in the Workbook that people get after we publish their stories...

  • How Can All This Be FREE?
  • Make Your Story Work For You
  • Show You're Engaged In The Process
  • Find Hidden Treasure Like An Expert
  • Shop The World's Largest Benefits Catalog
  • Get Help Paying For Your Medications
  • Find All Government Benefits In One Place
  • Probe The Top Government Grants Source
  • Apply For All SSA Benefits In One Place
  • Get The President To Hear Your Story
  • Get Your Elected Reps Working For You
  • Make It A SNAP To Feed Yourself Better
  • Get An SSA Advocate To Help You Apply
  • Raise Money Using Online Crowd Funding
  • Use A Private Database To Find Help Online
  • Avoid Scams That Only Want Your Money
  • Embrace Opportunities That Are Legitimate
  • What Is Your Personal Best?

Do you have a testimonial of your own to tell us about? Or maybe you know of someone whose story ought to be here? If so, just let us know via the contact us page. We'll do the rest!