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Disabled 35 Year Old Single Mom Seeks Grant Money For Home Repairs

by Yolanda Williams
(Camden, NJ, USA)

The Williams Family

The Williams Family

I'm putting my pride to the side and am reaching out for help, and if you knew me that is a VERY hard thing to do.

I am a 35-year-old single mom of three disabled children. Even though I work for the government, I'm no stranger to hard times. I grew up poor, but I did not expect the health of each of my children to be this way but it is what it is and I love them all.

My oldest has autism. She's 16. My middle child is 10. she has congenital glaucoma and rickets. Just when I planned on ending my childbearing days… here comes my 2-1/2 year old who has ADHD and Autism.

Needless to say that this has been a strain for quite some time on me mentally and financially. I knew that there were agencies and programs out there to help but, unfortunately when I ask about them they had just been cancelled, ran out of funding or extremely vigorous in deterring rather than helping, or their waiting list is so backed up I won't get notified until the next millennium!

I have had to take odd hour jobs because there is no one qualified to watch them on my work schedule, besides my mother, who is also disabled and lives with me along with her son, my brother, who is multiply handicapped.

I just purchased a home for all of us in 2008 and it is in every sense of the word the MONEY PIT, just like the movie. I had depleted all of my savings to buy it and now it's falling down around us as we try to make it a home. I know that in all actuality it needs to be TOTALLY rehabbed, but I don't have any more money. I just want the house to be comfortable and safe.

Every day that I go to work I pray that I don't get a phone call saying your house has burned down or flooded. I can't sell it because I got it as a 1st time homeowner. I have to live in it for nine years first. I can only afford to just literally pay bills and the more I pay the more they up the fees and taxes. I don't know what to do.

The house is in a flood zone I was told that would be handled. At the closing, I found out that it was not, and I can't afford $850 a year to do it, so it's not covered.

The roof is about to cave in. I have oil heating but can hardly afford the oil. The plumbing is shot.

There is still the original drywall, which is so paper thin you can feel the air passing right through along with being able to touch it and fall through.

There are traces of lead in the home, which we found out when my oldest sent off for a home lead test kit.

The heat venting system is so screwed up and is missing in the room back of the kitchen and barely gets in my front bedroom, unless I block the other vents in the house.

And last but not least the electrical wiring is so messed up that we can only get electric by using heavy duty power cords ran up from the basement to the kitchen but the whole house is badly wired. Example, the two power sockets went off in the living room and my bedroom and basement when my mom accidentally hit the power cord in the kitchen.

I literally work for FREE. All my money goes to bills first. I feel so bad for these children. I can barely afford food, and Christmas, and birthdays they settle for hugs and kisses and their favorite meal.

They didn't ask to be raised under these circumstances, but I really am trying my best. I thought that by getting this home it would be an investment for my family's' future but it seems to be hurting and a gigantic burden. Though if I had the right kind of money it would be a dream home. I still believe that it has so much potential.

I myself am disabled, but I have no choice but to work. I have too many gross expenses. I even considered filing for bankruptcy to make it better. I just want the American dream… life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

I believe in God, miracles, and hopefully the kindness of others if someone can help me fix the house.

If not at least to help me give my children some clothes, bedroom furniture, learning toys, things that a lot of people take for granted.


Someone or anyone please if you can help us please do so. It would be greatly appreciated! Yolanda Williams and Family.

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Sep 10, 2010
Housing Repair & Modification Help in New Jersey
by: Katina from Accessible.org

Congratulations on making the effort to submit your story to Accessible.org.

With the publication of your story, you are now well on your way to:

1. Getting your story known to a wide audience that could help you.

2. Getting your story polished up and presentable so you can submit it elsewhere, including the White House.

As a disabled person myself, I can sympathize with your situation and I definitely understand your need for help.

I've done a bit of research and found these resources for you:

HUD Housing Program New Jersey

National Resource Center on
Supportive Housing and Home Modification

Fall Prevention: Center of Excellence
Home Modification Program

Please let us know if the resources have helped you in any way.

Katina from Accessible.org

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