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Disabled 38 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money For Restaurant Business

by Bryan Hall
(Phil Campbell, Alabama, USA)

My name is Bryan Hall, and I live in a small town in Northwest Alabama. I am 38 years old, and married with three children. I am a truck driver by trade, and have been for 18 years.

Two years ago, my kidneys began shutting down, due to a disease I had known about since I was fourteen.

I applied for my disability benefits in 2008 and began receiving them in January of 2009. I was referred to Methodist University Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee for a kidney transplant referral near the end of 2009.

I went to my first visit, and nothing was said about my insurance. However, when I went the last time, I was told that I would need to have no less than $4000 when I came back to do all of my diagnostic tests, as Medicare would not pay everything and my balance at the end of my surgery would total around $6000.

As I told you earlier, I am a truck driver by trade. But I am a cook at heart. I would love nothing more than to have the money to pay for my transplant costs, along with monies to pay off my bills and open a restaurant.

My wife is working a 40 hour a week night shift job, and if we could procure the funds to help us pay everything off and get my transplant, along with enough to open our dream restaurant, she would love to be able to run the business with me.

I am not begging for the funds, only asking. It would change our lives in so many ways.

If you all need a figure on about how much I need, here it is -- $120,000. I know this is a lot, but it would pay off everything we owe, help pay for my transplant, and help start our dream business.

Thank you ahead of time for any and all consideration of my application for a grant, and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

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