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Disabled 51 Year Old Man Seeks Grant Money To Rebuild And Redefine Himself

by Mark Ridge
(Kansas City, Missouri, USA)

Ten years ago I had a heart attack after leaving work. That was the start of feeling trapped by, and now looking for a government grant solution to, excessive medical expenses.

It was a typical day. I had finished unloading three 48-foot trailers of milk and milk product, one stack at a time. Each stack I dragged over a rough steel trailer floor weighed about 240 pounds,.

My heart attack left me with thee heart stents. More were to follow. It was either fate or destiny that I returned, when a job came open for a janitor.

This lasted another three years. I was then forced to take another job for the company, returning to a milk cooler, helping to load the route trucks.

A year later, chest pain sent me back to the cardiologist for two stents. Afterward, my union seniority let me get a different job, although I was still in the cold, heavy cooler.

Within 24 months three more stents were implanted, bringing me to eight stents total. I stayed out of work as long as I could, contacting Vocational Rehabilitation.

It was at this time my wife became disabled from a surgery. I was forced once more into the breach. At the union's business agent's request I took my current job on the production bottling floor.

This job is marginally better than the rest I have had. It's not in the cooler and the work is not as intense. Still I have been hurt getting knocked down by falling stacks of milk product, once losing front teeth in the accident.

These are 10-hour shifts. And it makes it extremely difficult to take proper care of myself. By day's end, resting and getting ready for the next day are all I can do.

I have 25 years paid into a pension fund. There's enough time paid in for my pension, but I'm 15 to 20 years from retiring.

I need a grant to get me to a new career/station in life that even in a small way helps redefine me, as helping others. If not, my health will further deteriorate.

Quitting is not an option as my wife and I are trapped by health insurance. I currently take 13 prescriptions and daily supplements.

This is not normal for a man only 51 years of age. I have, or can get, any documentation needed concerning my health conditions.

I am seeking a hand up, not a handout. In conclusion, I have written this story in free hand and hope it is easily understood and coherent. Sincerely, Mark Ridge.

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