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Disabled 54 Year Old Has Dialysis Product To Benefit All Dialysis Patients

by Mary Conner
(Stockbridge, Georgia, USA)

I have followed the campaign of the president that put him in a position to help small businesses.

I am one of those citizens that believe in the process of empowering small businesses to get the economy back on track to recovery.

I firmly believe that it is the small businesses that have kept this economy on track. I want desperately to be one of those small businesses.

I have designed and would like to patent a product that will be beneficial to the medical community for years to come.

I am a dialysis patient that did not let my health condition stop me from wanting to help others like myself live lives as close to normal as possible and most of all have a degree of comfort in dealing with the life changing event of dialysis.

I see business ownership as a stepping-stone to my heritage as an American citizen. This country was built on the free enterprise system and small businesses. I want to reclaim that philosophy and become a small business owner.

A desire to become a small business owner has probably been the dream of all working Americans. Knowing that owning a small business will contribute to rebuilding the economy is the desire of all Americans.

This is my story.

I had what I considered a "normal" life even though I have diabetes. I was told my kidney function was at 8%, which put me well on the way to kidney failure.

I consulted my doctor/nephrologists and was told the alternative to going through the horrible process of renal failure was to go on dialysis.

I had options of hemodialysis, which is going into a center three times a week to have my blood cleansed of impurities, or peritoneal dialysis, which I would be able to at home.

I decided to do the peritoneal dialysis at home. I have pain and sometimes it is difficult to stand or sit for long periods of time.

I did not view dialysis as an end to a normal life but a beginning to new life concentrated more on my health and taking better care of myself.

My story is no different from many others. I waited until I was faced with a catastrophic illness to decide to get serious about taking care of myself.

I went from a normal day at work on September 18, 2007 to outpatient surgery on September 19, 2007, which put me on dialysis.

To say this was a life changing event is an understatement. On the outside, I was the perfect patient because it was a lot easier to deal with my physical appearance, which meant swelling of the stomach and the waist becoming larger.

I started wearing blouses and tops that were oversized to accommodate the enlarging stomach and waistline even though I wore blouses inside for a neat appearance before the surgery.

I did not want pity. I wanted to be normal again. While you are encouraged to take your medication on time, perform the exchanges as scheduled, keep accurate records and ask for mental, you do not know what to ask for.

Depression takes the form of loss of sleep, weight loss, loss of appetite and crankiness just to name a few. While experiencing these symptoms and others, you forget about the things you enjoyed doing before dialysis.

The hobbies and relaxation techniques are all in the back of your mind just sitting there. My mother taught me to sew very early on and I developed a talent for making arts and crafts, alterations and just creating things.

After dealing with the problem of outerwear, I needed to deal with the undergarments and the catheter exit site.

I decided to design a product that would satisfy the need for a better way to accommodate the transfer set and support the port at the end of the transfer set.

I made the adjustment to a pair of panties, wore them and to my surprise, they were very comfortable.

These panties fit like regular underwear, thus giving back a sense of normalcy to my life.

I tried this design out on men briefs and it worked great.

I found that this product was safe, comfortable and sanitary. At last I had something that made me feel good about my appearance from the inside out.

This product is safe for the transfer set and port as well as sanitary because they could be washed and cleaned with regular laundry detergent and bleach.

I was determined to turn what could have been a negative situation into a more positive thing for me. It is my intent to better the lives of others with this product as well.

I decided to turn this venture into a profit. I had no idea when I would be able to return to work or even if I would be able to return to work, so I immediately started working on a way to get this product patented and start making money to support myself.

I researched a lot of medical supplies and equipment companies that dealt with dialysis products and found there is not a product like this one for specific use by dialysis patients.

I made a prototype and contacted a patent attorney. I now have the determination of the patent attorney. The product is "patentable."

I spent numerous hours on the National Kidney Foundation and National Diabetes websites looking for grants or any information that would help me in my efforts of getting this product on the market.

I am asking for your assistance in helping me get this product on the market. I am not only asking for financial assistance but assistance in creating a more in-depth awareness of the number of people on dialysis as a result of diabetes and or kidney disease.

I am tapping into all of the programs that offer me the opportunity to start a business. I have a complete business plan for this product.

I am seeking financial assistance in the form of a grant to start a small business in the amount of $75,000.

I believe in my heart that given the opportunity and exposure of this product, I would not only further the awareness of dialysis but become able to support myself while doing so.

Just as I experienced problems with clothing, I know many other dialysis patients are experiencing the same. This would be an opportunity to help the millions of people on dialysis nationwide.

I thank you for your support and attention. I hope this letter get to the right person or department that can assist me in my effort to help others like myself on dialysis as well as give me the opportunity to fulfill my desire to become a small business owner as an American citizen.

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