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Disabled 60 Something Retiree Seeks Relief Of Medically Caused Debt

by Charles J. Karns
(Osterburg, Pennsylvania, USA)

The home that I don't want to lose!

The home that I don't want to lose!

I lost my job at 62 and decided to retire. Shortly after, I had a heart attack and had to have open-heart surgery.

Then two months later I had a gall bladder attack and had to have it removed.

Then shortly after that I started seeing double images. I was diagnosed with having a brain tumor.

They gave me medicine to shrink the tumor but several months later I became sick and was air lifted to Pittsburg to UPMC.

As the doctors were operating on me to remove the tumor, it ruptured. If I had waited any longer to get help I would have died.

This all took place between November 2007 and December 2009.

I had to make so many 130-mile trips from my home to Pittsburgh before and after the operation.

I have insurance but I have to pay a copay for the 16 medicines that I take.

I'm disabled now and can't make any extra income to catch up on my mortgage and to pay back my friends.

All of this has caused me to get behind on my mortgage payments and other bills.

The mortgage company called me and said they were going to start foreclosure proceedings.

I need $2800 to catch up my mortgage payments and $3000 to repay my friends that loaned me money to get by on.

The combined Social Security of my wife and me amounts to $1,549 a month.

I had been laid of for two years before this all took place and used up all of our savings. I don't want to lose my home just because I had gotten sick.

All the years that I worked I never had a major ailment so I figure that if I had still been working I would not have all of the problems that I had.

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