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Disabled Air Force Veteran Seeks Disability Grant Money For Transportation

by Douglas
(East Peoria, Illinois, USA)

I am a 50-year-old male married 24 years. I have two kids a daughter 21 and son 17.

I was in the Air Force back in the very early 80s.

Disability Issues

I have a titanium plate and eight screws in my neck from C-3 through C-6. Basically it holds my head on.

I have numbness and tingling all the time. My left side will often go numb for hours. Every day I have some sort of pain and a headache that never goes away.

It always feels like I have thousands of pins and needles stabbing my upper arms.

Financial Hardship

My wife always has to take time off from work if I need to go to the hospital or doctor's office or I keep the car and drive myself.

I also from time to time have to pick our son up from school. I no longer work so my wife's pay is our only income.

We have been three or four months behind on our house payment, but disability should take care of that.

Income Efforts

Our Church often has helped us buy groceries, and they have also helped with some bills.

I have been approved for disability but there's no telling when that will come about.

Specific Needs

Transportation is the most important thing I seek, so that I'm able to get to the doctor or hospital without my wife missing work or me keeping the car.

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Jan 18, 2013
Keep Fighting
by: Douglas

Tennessee, I am still trying to figure out things, All this is so new to me. I am not sure I may ever understand how it all works. I struggled with disability for four years. Now that I am going to get didability, I will still have nothing until I get caught up on all the past due bills and house payments. All I can tell you is that if you are fighting for disability and you kow that you are unable to work, keep fighting. Sooner or later it can happen.

Jan 16, 2013
Whoa for you
by: Tennessee

I like your Idea. I have been writing my template for my grant. Like you I have been physically and financially drained and needed some inspiration on how to write or give me an Idea on what to say. Thanks.


Dec 18, 2012
Approved Means Real Soon
by: Claudy

You were approved for disability. This means it is probably two months or less before receiving your first payment. Then you will get back payments for the time your disability was pending. That doesn't take long at all. Just like it will go as fast as it came in because you have been without income for some time.

There is help for transportation for the disabled and to be quite frank you probably can get help for many problems you didn't even mention. The problem is where do you go to find out. Today is your lucky day because there is a one-stop website for all government benefits, programs and grants.

Benefits.gov has a statistical survey to determine all the government agencies specific to your needs. After you complete answering the questions a list is instantly generated including addresses and contact information. You will be surprised how much help there is you didn't know about. It's a great resource. The survey is simple and confidential and benefits.gov just added a video link to explain everything in case you need help. It's a cinch though.

We'll everything is looking up for you and with benefits.gov your gonna have it made.

I'm hoping for you to get some great luck and really soon. It's on it's way.

Take care.

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