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Disabled Alabama Man And Common Law Wife Seek Financial Help

by Susan Van Sickle
(Leeds, AL, USA)

We are a couple residing in Leeds, AL. Larry is 56 years old and I, Susan, am 46 years old.

In March 2008, Larry suffered a major heart attack resulting in four stints and a triple bypass operation with 62 days spent in the hospital being diagnosed with a rare heart disease.

Since then, Larry has been diagnosed with COPD and PAD. He has gone through three fempop (replacement artery) surgeries. One was a "redo" and still clotted even with Coumadin therapy and just before Christmas 2009 had to have a below the knee amputation.

I have been his lone caregiver at home since the heart attack. Home is in a makeshift basement apartment in Larry's sister's home. While living conditions are certainly better than having none at all, the basement is not a healthy environment for Larry.

I have been unable to work outside the home because of Larry's poor health.

We have had to depend on family for almost everything since the small amount Larry receives from SSI barely covers the cost of food and medicine.

We do not even have a source of reliable transportation. The family's ability to help is fading quickly due to many issues.

Our largest wish is to be able to remain together and not have to be separated, while still having our needs met.

I know there is help available for us, but I am not sure who or where to ask.

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