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Disabled American In Failing Health Urgently Needs To Return To The USA

by Nancy
(Costa Rica)

I am a 58-year-old disabled women. I have no family or children but have several pets that I adore.

I made the mistake of moving to a foreign country thinking life would be better but it has been anything but.

I need to get back to the US, but I lack the resources to do so. And I have no place to live once I get back there.

In 2008 I began receiving SSD. My approval was almost instant after a doctor ordered an MRI of both my knees. The results showed they were that bad.

I also have severe arthritis all over and suffer from anxiety and depression exacerbated by my physical and financial stresses.

Since my mobility is severely restricted because of the extreme pain I experience daily, I have gained weight and my blood pressure has become dangerously high.

I do not have access to health care here, as I cannot afford to purchase health insurance. I have not had a complete physical or lab work in almost three years.

Around the same time that I started to receive SSD, I lost my regular income and soon lost my apartment, as I was unable to survive on the $755 I receive on SSD.

I was homeless. It was then that I packed up the car with my beloved pets and headed for Central America. I believed I could stretch my income further than in the US, but that has not been the case as most months I run out of money for food and other essentials.

It is impossible to live anywhere on my income and I must pay for my medications out of my own pocket.

I really need knee replacement surgery and without health insurance cannot get it here. In the US I am eligible for Medicare.

Please help us get back to the US. We need money to get back on and a place to live. I would love to own my own home and a car, as I no longer have the one I drove down here in.

My biggest fear is that I will die here and never get the help I need. This is a terrible place for Americans to live. The hatred and racism are palpable.

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