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Disabled And Abandoned Woman Seeking Government Grant To Save Home

by Del-Linda
(Plantation, Florida, USA)

My name is Del-Linda. I am 60 years old, disabled and abandoned. I have fibromyalgia and I am also an insulin-resistant diabetic.

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I have severe panic and anxiety attacks, severe depression, PTSD, a birth defect in my left shoulder, making it difficult for me to raise my arm.

I broke my left ankle in three parts and I have a rod, screws and pins, preventing me from walking and standing at times.

I live in Florida, but I am from New York. I moved here 5 years ago with my soon to be ex-husband, because he was transferred here with his job.

We have been married for 19 years. In 2008 I went to New York to help out my son and daughter-in-law welcome the birth of our grandson.

Upon my return to Florida in December of 2008, I walked into my home and found that my husband had abandoned me and he fled to Mexico.

Two years ago I filed for a divorce from him and I hired a lawyer. After a year and a half when it came time to go to court she took my money and she also abandoned me.

Being that this case is very complicated and he is out of this country, I guess she wanted more money and she knew that I had nothing more to contribute for this case, meaning money, but I was never even told why she abandoned me.

So I had to report this to the Bar Association. Since then, this case has now become a Bigamy case, because my husband has remarried in Mexico and we are not divorced yet.

My husband is a foreigner and I worked three part-time jobs so that he could get a full education and a Master's Degree, along with a U.S. Citizenship, so that he could have a better life than the one he had in his country.

I have been so devastated by this cruel and emotional abuse by both my husband and my lawyer.

He just walked away and left me with all the bills, the house and all the problems, knowing that I am ill and he couldn't even help me to get my medications.

I ended up in the hospital and now I am in counseling twice a week.

My entire family lives in New York. My parents are elderly and on fixed incomes of their own. They are unable to help me.

My mother has Alzheimer's and since I have not seen any of my family in two years, she has gotten much worse. At times she doesn't even know who I am.

I have one brother who had a heart attack in the spring, he had seven bypasses and I could not even be there because lack of funds.

I have two sons that are married and they have children and their own problems and they are also unable to help me out.

I'm seeking a grant to save my home. I have owned a home since I was 22 years old. The money from my former homes was a down payment on this home.

I have always taken pride in the fact that I bought my first home at the age of 22 and I have always worked hard, made my payments and I had excellent credit, only to be destroyed after he got everything he wanted.

This home was also remodeled to help me with my disabilities and make my life easier. So that is another reason why I would like to remain in my home.

I am also on a very low fixed income with my disability income. I really have no place to go, no money and my husband even spent the entire 401K that by law I am entitled to half of.

I don't want to end up homeless and I know there are a lot of people losing their homes these days. I don't think I can handle another disappointment.

I'm trying to be strong and my faith is in God. Thank you for taking your time and considering my story.

Sincerely and God Bless,

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Jan 19, 2014
by: Andro

Hi Linda,

You are a beautiful and attractive woman. You mustn't be abandoned.


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