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Disabled And Abused Single Mother Of Three Seeking Government Grant Money

by Nancy
(Greensboro, NC, USA)

My name is Nancy and I'm 43 years old, disabled, and recently a single mother of three boys, ages 13, 15 and 19.

One of my boys has ADHD (and is very challenging) due to domestic violence between my husband and myself.

I suffered two black eyes, two bruised arms and gash in my head all from him beating me in the bathroom for three hours. I have pictures of all this.

We are due to go to court this July 1st 2010 for his sentencing. I will need to testify against him and my children might need to also. I have a restraining order against him for one year.

I am disabled due to back issues from four major back surgeries including two fusions. I have to wear a brace every time I am up and moving around and a bone growth stimulator four hours a day.

I don't receive enough child support because my oldest sons' biological father is incarcerated due to the non-child support and the other two kids just $64 a month due to his income working at goodwill industries. (I can verify all this if necessary).

We had been together as a couple for 17 years, but only married for this last year, making it one year in May. We have never been able to invest in anything due to our low income living paycheck to paycheck.

My sole income is my disability payments of $816 a month. I do receive food stamps and live in government housing where the rent is based on my income.

As a parent I wish and need some kind of funds to invest for my kids' education and for my future so I don't end up depending on them and their families when they are older.

I know that my story is just like everyone else's but I wish that you read this with empathy and help out my family and me by investing in my family's future with a mutual fund or IRA or other investment of your choice on behalf of them.

Thank you for your consideration and for any government grant money or other assistance you can point me to.

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Jun 13, 2010
Grant for single mothers' education
by: Joyce

I applaud you for thinking of the future and not just today. I know Obama has all kinds of grant money for single mothers to go back to school. There are a lot of online college courses you can take and a lot of at-home jobs to do, many by computer. I have been checking into a college course in criminal justice that can be taken online. Due to forthcoming neck surgery, I cannot be on my PC for very long at a time, but the day is coming when I will be able. So, hang in there, and maybe you can do something like that, if you get the grant money for you to go to college. That's the only thing I, personally, know of for you to check out to help yourself to get an education grant to help your boys and you. Good luck in your quest.

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