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Disabled And Unemployed Man Seeks Grant Money For Restaurant Business

by Ronald P. Wickware
(New Boston, Texas, USA)

My name is Ronald P. Wickware and I am divorced and a father of three beautifully wonderful children.

I am currently unemployed after working for the government for eight years. I never made it to the military because I was injured in a high school football game at age 17.

My injury was nerve damage and I had surgery but the outcome was not positive, so the use of my dominant right arm and shoulder has diminished.

Even worse, I was denied for SSDI, probably due to my age mainly, and of course no work history.

Since then I have prayed and prayed because I wanted to join the military and travel the world or make it to the pros.

I've held a few jobs but none as good as the government ones and now I am unemployed so I have a lot of thinking time.

I am from a small town that needs a number of businesses here that target youth to get them on the right track if you know what I mean.

It also needs good family dining as well as all-night fast food places. My ideas are in the early stages and I kind of just ran across this site. So help me please go further.

I have seen how employers treat their employees and that's unacceptable in my eyes. You don't have to be a mean a person to get results.

I'm looking for a grant for either a fine family restaurant with the best steaks around where people can feel at home while eating healthy or take a rest from their diets and eat something they won't regret the next day.

It would be a place to have a business luncheon, be out with the girls or guys, or bring the whole family for a family outing.

I would have the friendliest greeters and staff around along with specials on the menu.

My main concerns would be customer satisfaction and a respected reputation.

Another idea is a place where women can go to get their hair, nails, waxes, tanning, massages, steam rooms, etc. done without the running from place-to-place or without having to wait for long periods of time.

So this place will have to be well staffed. Women help the world go 'round like money does so they need a place to be themselves kind of like guys at the bar watching the game.

I don't know how much to get started so hopefully you'll help with that portion of it. So hopefully I'll hear from you soon. Thanks.

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