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Disabled Army Vet Seeks Financial Grants For Veterans Housing And Debt Relief

by Michael
(Fowler, Ohio, USA)

My name is Michael I am a 30-year-old disabled Army veteran. I'm looking for financial grants for veterans housing and debt relief.

I have one child and have been engaged for seven years to my lovely fiancée Summer.

I served in the Army for nine years and was injured in 2004 by a rocket attack that injured both wrists and my neck.

I also suffer from PTSD and some anti-social disorders. I am currently waiting to find out how the injuries to my wrists will be taken care of.

I have been declared 100% disabled through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the Social Security Administration. This means I am non employable.

When I left the military my final paycheck came late and we ended up losing our truck and getting into debt.

We have had to move numerous times due to losing my job or getting behind in bills. My medications and PTSD keeps me from working and we cannot get any financial institution to help us get back on our feet.

My son has not lived in one place for more than a year. My fiancée has to stay home with me to make sure I take my medications and my appointments.

We have been on land contract for the last year trying to pay off the back debts to get our credit up enough to get a home loan.

My disability checks just are not covering the back bills and if we don't get them paid we will lose our home.

When I first got out of the Army in 2007 I got a job in Houston until I reached 60% disability.

Then I found a job at a lumberyard until I couldn't do the labor any longer.

After that I got hired on at Lowe's and had to quit due to issues with my medications and the stress on my hands.

When we moved to Ohio in 2009 we had to live with friends in order to save to get into a house.

A week after moving to Ohio, I reached 100% disability and an unemployable status.

We have had to get assistance from the state and from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (www.vfw.org) just to get food and fuel oil while trying to keep our home.

All that my family and I are looking for is financial grants for veterans housing and debt relief. We just need a little helping hand to get back on our feet.

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