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Disabled Army Veteran Goes From Homeless To Success But Needs Help Now

by Wesley
(Mt. Gilead, OH, USA)

I'm a 44-year-old divorced father of a 21-year-old daughter in nursing school.

I served honorably in the U.S. Army, attaining the rank of sergeant before becoming disabled.

I am in my second year of college shooting for a Bachelor of Arts.

I have truly been fortunate, with a lot of hard work, to really see that life can be lived and the American dream is still alive for those of us who have sacrificed so much for our country.

My disability rating is in two parts. The first is for my back, which was injured rappelling out of a helicopter in 1991. My back keeps degenerating and will eventually need surgery.

My second injury is major depression/post-traumatic stress. This injury began in 1991 as well. It began when I was an undercover narcotics cop involved in a criminal investigation that went wrong.

There is no recovery from this and makes it difficult to attain work. I have a disability rating of 10% on one and 70% for the other.

I've worked for eight years going basically going from homeless to owning a small condo. This was accomplished in an intensive rehabilitation program provided by the veteran's hospital.

However, my injuries make it hard for me to work in a normal employment setting and can only be controlled to a certain extent.

I am a full-time student living on my disability check, which does not cover my bills.

For three months I have owned a small turnkey tanning business in rural Ohio that is currently floundering financially due to the economy and hot weather.

I have invested what life savings I had and I am now to a point where I fear that I'm going to lose everything and slip back to homelessness.

Due to certain medications I take, it makes it very difficult to work for another company.

By owning this business, it allows me to work for myself without the strain of worrying about being fired or having an embarrassing episode.

Once I went through rehabilitation, I was able to go to work but still kept losing jobs due to my disability. However, I kept trying and stayed employed until I went back to college two years ago.

I receive a small government disability check but it barely covers my personal bills. I work at my business and it does not pay me right now.

I am looking for any grants that I can use to keep my business running. Due to my student status, I am unable to qualify for a standard small business loan.

The tanning salon I purchased had no competition in the area. I sell tanning packages and tanning lotions, and there's a solid need for it in the area I'm in.

Unfortunately I bought the salon just before the slow summer period, which has drained my operating capital, even though initial sign-ups were good.

I do expect an increase in the October time frame going into winter.

I have free advertisements on a trade out with a local paper.

Projected sales and maintenance per month is $3000. My operational cost is $2800 per month.

My business plan shows a steady increase in revenue with winter coming.

I manage it myself and I work every day from 11 am to 8 pm. I do not pay myself and put all revenue back into the business.

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