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Disabled Bipolar Widow Seeks Grant Money To Purchase Foreclosed Home For Family

by Debi Rice
(Salisbury, North Carolina, USA)

I am a 57-year-old grandmother disabled with bipolar disorder and widowed as of 9-23-2009.

I'm living on a disability widow's benefit from my late husband. I was evicted from my home in May 2010 because of my inability to pay expenses required to maintain a home alone on the amount of money I receive as a benefit from my late husband.

I moved with the help of my daughter and son-in-law, to their rental home some 200 miles away and took up residence in their den. They have a six-year-old daughter from a previous marriage of the son-in-law and a new baby boy born 3-01-2010; so even though I am disabled, I am able to handle the childcare for them.

I had to borrow $1000 from a friend which I am still paying back to cover moving costs; and also had to rent a storage shed to house my belongings.

These items include some furniture that we have been unable to use at this time in the home; the rest would be photos, treasures and collectibles from 20 years of marriage that I am unable to part with.

The shed also houses dishes and so on that would establish another household should the occasion ever occur.

This has all been emotionally devastating for me; as the home I was evicted from was on my family's land for the last 43 years.

My late husband had been very ill for the previous 4 years, and became disabled himself. Together we maintained the care of my mother, her home, the 30 acres and spent his disability settlement to repair and update the small home we lived in. My mother evicted me in May 2010. The reasons for this remain unexplained, and are of no consideration as an alternative for housing.

The only joy in this past year was the birth of my grandson and the joy of caring for him and helping my daughter and son-in-law out with food, chores and etc. as much as I can.

I will forever be grateful to them for their help, as there were no options left. Due to the unexpected eviction from the small home my husband and I repaired and lived in for several years.

My daughter and son-in-law are both employed; however, they were not married when the baby came and my daughter had no insurance or maternity leave.

She had to have an unexpected appendectomy shortly after the birth of the baby, which incurred more expense; and even though she returned to work as soon as possible they became behind financially very quickly.

The expenses from the baby for formula, diapers, medical care and etc., have really never allowed them to catch back up. They married in September at the magistrate's office and still have no rings, so as you can see they have eliminated any unnecessary expenses.

My daughter and grandson are now covered under his insurance for quite a price. They are trying to have another child before a condition she inherited from me called endometriosis advances and eliminates this possibility forever.

The rental house they are in is older and in need of repair and we are bulging at the seams for more room. It is on nice safe quiet street across from a very good school, and has a large lot with a fenced in backyard, which is wonderful for our two dogs and at the moment two children.

The landlord has allowed it to go into foreclosure; and suddenly we are all in jeopardy. This house and property needs some work to make it more energy efficient: such as new windows, gutters, some plumbing work as the second full bath only has a useable toilet.

We could knock out some walls and perhaps turn the garage into a room and bath for me, which would allow us all to continue to grow and stay together, right here comfortably and efficiently.

My daughter and her family are all I have left, other than my stepsons and their families back in our hometown, who are all managing well and we continue to share the joys of my step-grandchildren and keep in touch via computer.

There are so many schedules to deal with that visiting, and the money to do so, is hard to come by.

This is a good hard working family trying to grow and survive and live the American dream without a lot of extras. We just want a safe place to raise these children and room enough to stay together.

Everyone is doing all they can, but we have been unable to secure financing to purchase this or any other home right now. Time is of the greatest importance right now and perhaps causing even larger financial obstacles.

My daughter had to file bankruptcy after the loss incurred from the birth of my grandson and I have a bankruptcy in my past when I became disabled as well.

My son-in-law has a good job with the state; but even with my small income thrown in, we have had no luck with this.

We also face the soon to be loss of my daughter's income, if she is able to become a mother again. Her income cannot be considered in our attempt to secure the money to purchase and repair this home and stay here.

This is my attempt to ask our government for a grant to help us, to allow this family to become stable and safe and live together.

I am hoping that my status will help us, since they have been gracious enough to go out on a limb to help and house me. It is my turn to seek help for us all.

I am seeking a grant to purchase this house and property, allowing enough extra money to make the improvements mentioned and keep us on a positive track in our lives.

We realize that our situation is better than so many others seeking help in America right now and wish that there were other options for us in this matter.

We try always to give out what we wish to receive back; and this is the life lesson we want to teach the children.

We will no doubt fall into a desperate situation if a move has to occur requiring deposits, change in schools, and etc. We have been making an exhausting and frantic search to do this, and so far have been unable to find anything safe or suitable.

We have exhausted our savings. There was no life insurance from the death of my husband to fall back on and we are having yard sales to try to cover the costs of clothing for the children and condense our belongings into cash for bills and etc.

I own a vehicle and my son-in-law is making payments on a used car for my daughter. He drives my late husband's old truck, which is to go to my eldest stepson as his inheritance as soon as possible. It is worth less than $500.

We wish this to happen soon as well, since me stepson has been so gracious to allow us the use of it for the past year.

Please help me to help us all, your average American family, to accomplish this. We don't take vacations; a fun evening is family game night and a good weekend outing is a trip to the park with the kids.

We appreciate your time and careful consideration in this matter, and regardless of the outcome, hope you will pray for us.

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