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Disabled Chauffeur Seeks Government Grant For Own Livery Business

by Steven Roger Hall
(Lakewood, California, USA)

Approximately 10 years ago I had my first of two brain surgeries to remove a schwannoma tumor that doctors said I probably had since birth.

The removal left me partially paralyzed on my right side and my speaking almost nonexistent. But with physical therapy I was able to regain most of my right side movement.

I have to use a cane to walk though, and I have little to no stamina.

Before my surgeries I worked in the chauffeured transportation business for over 10 years as a chauffeur and reservationist over the phone.

My knowledge of this business is vast but over the years I have made other companies very successful in this industry.

About two years ago I saved as much money as I possibly could on my Social Security plus abated myself the PASS plan to start a single-car transportation company since I cannot keep up with the pace of a large transportation corporation like before.

In seven months I realized the money I had saved wasn't enough with business going down and instead of destroying what little ok credit I had I sold the vehicle back to the dealer at a loss.

The ironic thing is that even though I got rid of the vehicle I was using personal credit cards to keep the business afloat so when those bills started rolling in my credit did take a hit.

I have been slowly paying them down as best I can but still being able to live with just my Social Security income and the $400 a month I make working a few hours in the industry I love.

I know that with my vast knowledge of the chauffeured transportation market and the niche that I want to fill, which is discount transportation, without skimping on quality I can build a profitable business that will employ a few people and I can pass on my wealth of knowledge so they too can work in this industry.

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