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Disabled Couple Desperately Seeks Government Grant Money To Repair Home

by Gail Sabatino
(Wake Village, Texas, USA)

Robert recuperating from open heart surgery!

Robert recuperating from open heart surgery!

Robert recuperating from open heart surgery! Gail, wondering what we are going to do next! All four of our beautiful grandaughters! All four of our handsome grandsons!

My name is Gail and I'm writing this story for myself, as well as my life partner Robert. We are 48 and 46 years old.

Unfortunately we are both 100% disabled. We are not married due to the fact that if we do get married our disability funds will be cut and we can't afford to live on a lower income. Robert and I have known each other for a little over 10 years.

Robert has coronary artery disease for which he had open-heart surgery on April 5. 2010.

He has arthritis and diabetes and is insulin dependent. Along with the diabetes he also has diabetic neuropathy in his legs and arms.

Robert also suffers from high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

I suffer from severe fibromyalgia, arthritis, low blood pressure, emphysema, anxiety, hypoglycemia, thyroid problems, severe nerve damage in my C-5, C-6 and S-1 in my neck and spine, as well as deteriorating cartilage in my right knee.

I have four amazing children, three girls and one boy who is the youngest. He is currently in college.

I also have eight beautiful grandchildren that light up my world. My life would be incomplete without all of them!

Robert and I purchased a home from a friend of mine for the balance of what she owes on it.

My friend is carrying the contract for us since we are unable to qualify due to our income.

We actually lucked out because in a little over four and a half years we will own our home free and clear!

We knew the home needed some work but we weren't aware of just how much work it does need.

The fact of us being able to own our own home free and clear in a little over four and half years was a blessing!

Robert and I plan on living in this home for the rest of our lives!

Our home is in need of serious repair. The toilet in the main bathroom is about to fall through the floor not to mention the floor needs to be completely replaced.

There is a second bathroom that is right off of the master bedroom that is not completed. The wall is exposed and it needs repairing.

The hallway floor is coming up and needs to be replaced desperately.

The floor directly in front of the kitchen sink and cabinet also is about to fall through.

The roof is in serious need of repair.

The base of some of the walls and part of the ceilings are separating from the floor and walls.

Our laundry room leans towards the back yard as well as the master bedroom.

Needless to say, we would like to have our home repaired. This is our home for the rest of our lives!

We are on a fixed income. I receive SSI on the first of every month and Robert receives Social Security Disability on the second Wednesday of every month.

With our limited income we have trouble paying our bills, groceries, household needs and insurance on our vehicle.

We also have to purchase a lot of our medications as well.

We have a difficult time just cleaning our home, doing laundry and just getting on with the daily routines of a typical home life.

We struggle with these duties on a daily basis. Robert can barely lift a gallon of milk without pain. I(Gail) am in severe pain 24-7 it is even extremely painful to walk!

We own a truck, which every now and then we enjoy just driving around the lake, when possible.

We do own a GPS system just in case we get lost. That way we know we can make it back home.

My medications are: Epitol (Fibromyalgia), Levothyroxine (Thyroid), Clonazepam (Anxiety), Tramadol (nerve damage in neck and spine), Imipramine (insomnia), Norco (severe pain), Fludrocortisone (low blood pressure), Oxygen Concentrator and a portable (3 liters), Phenergan (nausea), Nitroglycerin (as needed) and Boniva (Osteoporosis).

Robert's medications are: Lantus (insulin 68 units daily), Lisinopril (blood pressure), Pravastatin (cholesterol), Metformin (diabetic oral), Metoprolol (heart medication), Aspirin (1daily), Acid Reducer (acid reflux) and Nitroglycerin (as needed).

Robert receives Social Security Disability the second Wednesday of every month. I receive SSI the first of every month!

We are looking for a home repair grant that we don't have to repay considering we are on a fixed income and we are barely able to make ends meet as it is.

We would be forever grateful for any grants that would be available to us, so that we may make our home a comfortable home to live in for the rest of our lives.

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