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Disabled Couple Looking For Relief Of Debt Caused By Medical Expenses

by Victoria L.
(Bennett, NC USA)

My name is Victoria. I was a volunteer EMT-Firefighter for years, all while mothering three children and working a full-time job.

I then worked various jobs in hospitality and restaurants. My last job was as maintenance supervisor for a 48-unit apartment complex for the elderly, handicapped, and disabled.

I had to leave this job due to injuries received in an auto accident. I am legally blind, have bi-polar disorder, essential tremors, a congenital kidney defect, 4 herniated discs, one of which is torn, and I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. I am also a Christian.

My husband is a veteran discharged from the army in 1974. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and anxiety. He also has a severely herniated L4-L5 disc that has migrated to the left nerve root.

I told my husband when we got married that I would love to live in a new home someday, because I'd never had one.

When I was diagnosed with Cancer in 2006, Darrel was working a good job making good money as a heavy equipment operator.

He was afraid he would lose me without me having my "new" home. We bought a new doublewide on 6 acres in the country.

By 2008 he had changed jobs 2 times due to companies going bankrupt. And in January of that year he had finally gotten a job with an established company making good money again.

In March Darrel's Mother died and during that time he picked up a virus. On April 5th I was taking him to the Doctor, as he wasn't getting any better. After he cleaned up he sat to put on his shoes when the injury to his back occurred.

We have almost lost our home (over $800 a month). We cannot afford his pain meds and have run up a credit card debt to pay for our meds.

In November his check will drop over 100 and again we will be hard pressed to make our payments and still eat (thank God for deer meat!)

We have 7 grandkids and while the 16 month old was here she bumped me in the face and broke my glasses. Darrel has 2 teeth broken off to the gum. We don't have the money to fix or replace anything.

We need help! Any suggestions? Thank you for any help!

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