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Disabled Couple Seeks Government Grants For Selves And Extended Disabled Family

by Mario
(Big Bear, CA, USA)

My name is Mario. I'm 41 and my wife Lisa is 40. We live in a small house of our own with our 14-year-old son in Big Bear CA.

I have been disabled with a seizure condition and we have been living on a fixed income since 2001.

Lisa has had a problem with her limbs swelling for as long as I've known her, but in 2004 her left leg swelled up so big, she could hardly walk and she couldn't bend her knee.

Soon ulcers formed and she had two operations on the lower half of her leg by 2006, but they did not help. An amputation in 2007 above the knee was her last hope at the time, but soon after the operation a new ulcer formed on the stump.

Since then she has almost died from internal bleeding and infections a number of times. Lisa is doing okay for now with the exception of needing dental work we can't afford.

The big problem that she has been facing since the amputation is our house. We don't have the money to make it handicap friendly. My main concern is the bathroom, but we have so many other issues...

One is that our front yard turns to mud in the winter, or whenever it rains, so wheeling Lisa to a car is very hard. Our roof leaks in the kitchen and I think it's all going to fall in soon.

My daughter and I were able to make one improvement two years ago. We took out the carpet and put in some cheep vinyl tile. In the process, we found that the house is full of mold.

That is not something we can do anything about. Every year we get flooded and we can't stop it. I hope you can help us. If you can't, can you please forward this to someone you think might be able to help.

We have no family that can help. My mother (62) is losing her house, because she got sick and can't work anymore. She still cares for my 84-year-old father as best she can and we all do our best to help the with food and money.

I am actively seeking help for all of us. My mother worked hard all her life. She was holding down three jobs when this happened to her and she had no medical insurance.

My father was told by his doctor that he should stop working when he was 50 (heart condition), but he continued working well into his 60s. He now has a pacemaker, very little muscle and suffers from dementia.

Thank you for any help you can lead us to. Mario.

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