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Disabled Couple Seeks Grant Help To Get Physical Therapy Exercise Machine

by Orlando Machado
(Davie, FL, USA)

My name is Orlando Machado. I'm 27 years old. Thank God I don't have any disability problems, but I have a friends who do.

He is 54 years old and his wife is about the same age. They don't have any money. They are alone.

She needs to do her exercise, but she can't go any more to the therapist because they don't have insurance or money.

Two weeks ago their house AC broke. They can't fix it because they don't have the money. They need help.

A couple of years ago, she had a stroke. After that she became paralyzed of her right side, and she could not speak or walk. Now she is doing better.

She is talking, but she still has problems with her right side. She needs to go to therapy in order to do her exercises, but therapy costs a lot of money.

I was looking for exercise machine for the disabled and they also cost money.

They don't know too much about the Internet or computers so that's why I am doing this for them.

Anything that you can do for help them we will be appreciated. Thanks

He works full time. The money that he makes goes to paying the bills. Her grandson takes care of her when my friend is working.

They do have a car that is just good enough for transportation. The only equipment that she has is the wheelchair.

I forgot to mention that he is taking medicine as well. Six years ago he had a heart attack, but he is good now.

I love them very much. They're like my parents. I wish I had the money to help them but I do not.

With his full-time work he makes about $1800 a month.

He goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday

They will appreciate any kind of help they can get: exercise, therapy, exercise machine for home, money, any kind of help.

She is a strong woman and she is very positive. I'm pretty sure that she will be the same that she was.

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