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Disabled Couple Struck Down By Stroke Now Seeking Government Grant Money

by Bernadette
(Houston, Texas, USA)

My name is Bernadette and I'm writing on behalf of my husband Nathan.

Nathan had an ischemic massive stroke while driving to his employer February 17, 2007. He's been through several rehabilitation programs to help with his recovery including TIRR (brain rehabilitation hospital).

The stroke has left Nathan with memory loss, vision loss, temporal and frontal lobe injury, and depressed. He no longer has feeling in his left hand or arm with body weakness.

He cannot concentrate, has a short attention span and is very forgetful. Nathan also cannot see at night. This stoke has left my husband who is 48 years old unable to work or to him have a meaningful life.

My heart is filled with so much despair it saddens me and depresses me even more to write. I never ever asked for help before especially from the government but we need help so desperately.

My best friend, my husband suffered a massive stroke on his way to work while driving. His position was Gas Controller for a large energy company here in Houston.

On his way to work he began having a terrible headache, which was the beginning of a TIA stroke (a mini-stroke).

He called his employer while driving to work to let them know he would not be in because he wasn't feeling well.

On his way back home he became confused and disorientated. Nate drove around for hours before finally stopping at a local gas station for aspirins.

At that moment he fell in the threshold. The store owner noticed and call 911. After paramedics arrived they informed him that he had a stroke.

At that point he lost consciousness. I could not locate Nate for two days before his co-workers were called from Herman Hospital asking if they knew him, by his work badge.

This was on a Sunday February 17, 2007 and our life has not been the same. The type of stroke he had was considered more likely to afflict a person 70 years or older per the brain surgeon.

The swelling to his brain initiated emergency surgery, which ended up removing his bone flap.

All doctors have recommended Nathan can no longer be lucratively employed with his confirmed conditions.

If you had known Nathan before this stroke you would have met a vibrant man with so much opportunity ahead of him. He was known as confident, outgoing and a go-getter.

To see him now with a brain injury and vision loss, I can't do anything for him but cry. We've lost income, which is the main importance for us.

We have a 22-year-old son in college and cannot help him financially in school. Financial Aid is not helping without a cosigner. We had to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy because of medical bills and our income has been cut 80%.

All the available social services indicate they cannot help us because of previous income. What about taxpayers that paid into the system who can't receive help when needed?

It seems the services go to people that only depends on social services for a lifetime. We are taxpayers that need help due to illnesses that happened who need help!

I was always so afraid that Nate would get sick from working so hard, due to me not able to help him and my fear happened. At this point I feel so guilty that maybe if I could have helped more, my best friend would not have gotten sick

I too am on disability. I have severe medical conditions: pulmonary hypertension, crest/scleroderma, and connective tissue disease.

I can't help my husband because he deserves so much more. He's changed so much, staying to himself without any hope of the future.

This is my reason for writing to you, begging and pleading for a personal grant to help with our medications, monthly rent, utility expenses, food, and for our son who is struggling his way through college.

I pray that the White House receives this letter in good faith and that someone who has the power to do something actually does something.

Thank you so much for your understanding. Sincerely, Bernadette and Nathan.

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Sep 20, 2010
Stroke Victim
by: Megan Massey

I hope you get help. I am a 25 year old mom and I had a stroke on Mothers Day! My heart goes out to you!

Nov 22, 2009
Disabled Couple Struck Down By Stroke
by: John

Bernadette and Nathan

First of all, I truly hope that you're able to find the help with grants or others. I understand what Nathan is going through as I've had a stroke. Although I can't really say how it is to go through one at his age. I can't say if it was fortunate or not, but mine occurred at eight and half years of age so I've just lived with it. He has his best friend to help him get through it. Luckily I did have my mom who refused to give up or my situation would be worse. I truly hope things work out well for you in your endeavors. I hope to find help now that I've found someone. John.

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