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Disabled Dallas Man Needs Housing Grant Money And Help For Used Pickup

by Joe
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I am a 56-year-old male, recently officially disabled. I need a vehicle, as I live in Dallas, and getting places without a vehicle is next to impossible.

I have a chipped bone in my left ankle, which causes it to stay swollen very often. In addition, my left knee is damaged and swells with fluid often. These make walking quite difficult when they are inflamed.

Surgeries are out of the question as costs would be enormous. Thus, I am not optimistic about improvement.

I have stayed with a friend, in a motel room, for over a year while waiting on the disability findings.

I was awarded Disability, but denied SSI and Medicaid. The award amount is $785 per month, which does not even cover living expenses.

I feel that I owe this friend for the support of the last year, although it has never been mentioned.

I only wish to obtain a used vehicle, not anything new. However, even that requires a substantial down payment, as well as monthly payment, and insurance.

Due to my disability, even walking to a bus stop is extremely difficult, as is getting on and off of a bus.

Other than the Disability monthly payment of $785, I have no other source or income.

By law, if I get any other income, my disability payments are reduced accordingly, thus making me unable to raise my standard of living.

I have tried to get assistance through local agencies, but all of those efforts have come up empty.

Getting grants, without the ability to write them yourself, or paying someone else to write them properly, is a long shot.

I just need enough assistance to obtain a vehicle, preferably a pickup and the ability to get out of this motel room.

I am looking for the generosity of the American people to assist in getting me the ability to become self-sustainable.

Whether it's donations, loans or advice, any assistance is appreciated.

Maybe some folks who have the means could set up a benefit of some sort to raise the money to help me.

Maybe someone out there who is fortunate enough to have plenty could share a small portion with someone who really needs help.

Please help. Thank you.

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