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Disabled Family Seeks Government Grant For Housing In Safer Environment.

by Jennifer
(Springfield, LA, USA)

My name is Jennifer and I'm physically disabled. I am 35 and I have neuropathy, which is severe nerve damage.

My legs and arms go numb and have pins and needles in them at the same time. I also have pain shooting in them all at the same time. It's very painful.

I have been married to my 41-year-old husband Michael for 15 years. He is classified by the State as mentally retarded.

We have two teenage boys, Michael Jr who is 13 and Austin who is 12. They are special needs children. They also have a learning disability in school.

We were fortunate to prequalify for a loan of $32,000 and we bought a two-bedroom house in Springfield, Louisiana.

My 13-year-old son is diagnosed as bipolar, with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Anxiety.

My 12-year-old son is diagnosed with ADHD, OCD and severe Anxiety. We added on to the house with the back pay money from Social Security.

We didn't have enough money to finish it, so we lived in it unfinished.

The boys could not stay in the same room anymore because they were fighting too much.

Hurricane Katrina came through and damaged the addition that we did.

We got money from FEMA and our insurance company and fixed it back but we still didn't have enough to completely finish the plumbing for the second bathroom.

The master bedroom needs molding and another painting and none of the closets or bathroom has doors.

We didn't realize when we bought the house how bad the neighborhood was, but we only prequalified for $32000. I didn't know about the grant program.

My boys can't ride their bikes or even go outside without me or my husband because of the drugs and sex offenders that live around here.

There are stray dogs that walk down the street too and they have already attacked the neighbor's smaller dog.

I am very thankful that we even qualified for a house. I would just appreciate a little help to move to a safer place.

Our house won't sell for much more than we owe and it's not enough to buy something.

It sits in front of a sewer treatment plant, so that doesn't help either.

We also have four credit cards that are overwhelming us. We had to file bankruptcy in the past. It's already been discharged about five years ago.

I tried to apply for a personal loan from the bank to get a cheaper interest rate and pay off the credit cards but we were denied.

We want to move to a better and safer environment but we have no money or credit to do it.

Again, I am very grateful and thankful that we have a roof over our heads now and I thank you for taking the time to even consider us.

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