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Disabled Father Seeking Funds For Family Farm Business

by Allen
(Dallas, TX, USA)

I'm a 35-year-old father of three very young children. I've suffered a lifelong battle with hepatitis C. But I won't let my disability prevent me from seeking a government grant or other assistance to build a business for my family.

I contracted this disease through several blood transfusions as an infant, but it was not discovered until I was 33, after years of going to numerous doctors complaining of multiple health problems.

The unfortunate situation that I'm facing now is directly related to years of misdiagnoses. The time lost during these years has caused irreversible damage to my heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.

It has caused a deadly condition known as pulmonary hypertension. This condition is extremely hard to treat and eventually requires a heart and lung transplant.

I have always been a hard worker with a lot of pride. I've always done for myself and never asked for help from anyone, but now that's all changing. I need help from wherever I can get it!

I have a wonderful business plan that will support my wife and kids, pay their way through college and give my wonderful wife the tremendous help she's going to need should I not live long enough to help raise our children.

This business can easily be carried on by my wife who is a very intelligent person and the strongest and hardest working person I have ever known! She has been the backbone of our family through all my health problems and she has never complained about anything! She's truly my hero and deserves all the help I can give her!

I want to make one thing clear to everyone who reads this. I am here for my family, not myself! I am too proud to ask for myself, but when it comes to my wife and children I have no pride left. I would do anything to make sure that they are well taken care of!

The business plan I have is a combination of giving as well as receiving. It's based on a 20 percent charity giving to active military, veterans, disabled and needy families.

I want my children to learn the values that make us strong as individuals, families and as a nation, that's why I developed this business plan. It will teach my children the values that seem to have been forgotten by many of the people in this country.

It is my job as a husband and father to put my family first, lead by example and teach them the values that will make their lives whole and I intend to do just that, even if I have to do it from the grave!

You see, I've only begun to tell you part of my story. I grew up in a physically abusive home. My father beat my sisters and me repeatedly and at the age of five, I made my first promise to God. I promised him that if I lived to grow up and have a family of my own I would be the best father in the world and would never put them through anything like I had to endure.

I have kept that promise and intend to keep it beyond the grave by having put in motion those things that will carry on and continue to make a living and teach my children even after I'm gone.

I hate to mention dying because no one in this world wants to live more than me. I daydream constantly about all the things in life a great parent wants to do and see with their children. Like camping and fishing trips, learning to ride a bike, playing sports and walking my daughter down the isle some special day.

It tears my heart out to think about those things, because I know that my time is limited and it will be nothing short of God's grace that keeps me here to raise my children and I ask God everyday for that blessing!

If you can help my family in anyway to make this dream of ours come true, I promise you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

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Oct 06, 2009
This is wonderful!
by: Anonymous

What a wonderful thought!

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