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Disabled Female Wants Government Grants To Help Other People With Disabilities

by Carol Newell
(Pearland, TX, USA)

I'm a 51-year-old female with disabilities looking for government grants to help other disabled people.

I got divorced four years ago and since then, I've had to move 12 times due to illnesses that come on and off again, so I can't live alone.

I have lived with roommates and they struggle with my on again off again illnesses, I have lived alone which has caused many trips into the hospital and near death experiences to know I can no longer live alone.

I have lived in a assisted living home but they don't want me because I am not dependent on them 24 hours a day. Now I live with my son, 30 years old with his wife and three children.

He was recently laid off due to the company moving out of the United States to save on labor cost. Starting September 1st, his wife will have a pay reduction so her company can continue to survive in these difficult financial times.

Where am I to go? Continuing to struggle with that question I started looking for my options:

a) I can't live alone
b) I can't live with a person who hasn't the understanding of disabled persons
c) I can not continue living with my children

Then I got to thinking what can I do to resolve this problem. I witnessed at the last church I went to my pastor writing a grant for underprivileged children to go to camp. If I could get a government grant and buy a house then I could:

a) I can help myself and others who are like me. (There has to be many from the stories I have read.)
b) I have the ability to take care of myself and get assistance with any medical care should my doctor see the need.
c) I can pay my bills while sharing them with others.
d) I can secure my life by living with someone should anything happen to me.
e) I could help others by providing a secure home and, get any help needed.

In my current state I started thinking of how a grant could help me as well as others. Providing a residence for myself and others with a Independent Living Home.

It would also give me a chance to help other disabled and dependent people get a Home. In this Home I would organize service and doctors to come to the house and provide attention on a as needed basis.

This is a service needed by the disabled, but it's another thing to find a good honest person to live with. I have been taken advantage of before and I want to make a change.

I want to be able to help the helpless. Please point me to where I might find government disability grants that would allow me to provide a service that is needed by the disabled.

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