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Disabled Grandmother And Granddaughter Seeking Disability Or Other Grants

by Sharon Kaye
(Lewisport, Kentucky, USA)

Disabled/Determined Grandmother/Granddaughters

Disabled/Determined Grandmother/Granddaughters

This is the story of a disabled grandmother and granddaughter seeking disability or other grants.

I am 58 years old and disabled with lupus and COPD. A few years ago I became the de facto parent of my two granddaughters, now 12 and 6 years old.

The older one in the chorus and the gifted and talented class in her middle school, but she's disabled with a behavioral disorder. In the past she has had serious problems with self-destructive and negative behavior. This has caused her to end up in hospitals and also treatment facilities.

Both of us draw SSI checks each month to pay for our living expenses. It's not enough though to help my granddaughter improve.

I am searching for a grant that will allow me to pay for her to be focused in a positive way through enhancing her talents. I have found a voice/singing tutor to work with her, but the lessons cost more than we can afford.

I know Kentucky has programs to help children, but I am unaware of exactly how to get the help we need in private tutoring. I need this help soon because the longer I wait, the harder it becomes to deal with her problems.

I don't want to lose her; I want to help her. I have faith that she can become a valued and productive person with the correct guidance and assistance.

Are there government grants for disabled women that we could apply for? I thank you in advance for whatever information you are able to supply.

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