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Disabled Homeless Woman Desperately Seeking Housing Grant Money

by Toni
(North Branch, Minnesota, USA)

I am a disabled 49-year-old woman who went through a traumatic divorce. Then when my husband wanted reconciliation, he died tragically in a motorcycle accident.

Since 2005, I have had to live where I can and it has been very negative and abusive.

My mother puts me down by calling me dumb (I have above average intelligence), and yells at me in front of others.

She puts her previous relationships' adult children well before her own (my brother and myself) causing very hurtful feelings for both of us.

Thus, I refuse to reside with her.

Now, where I reside, the house has gone into foreclosure and there will be a Sheriff Sale July 27th of 2011.

That's not much time and I am scared. I have nowhere to go and am dealing with so many medical issues.

I have been working with the Department of Rehabilitation to help me get part-time work to help supplement the $818 I receive each month in disability.

Now I have to let them know I am once again homeless.

My adult son is 31 years old and he was a planned baby. I never married his father, as he is very controlling and physically abusive. He is bipolar (my son's father).

Never was I in the military, but I worked for the Department of Justice with Immigration & Naturalization Service from 1993 through 1999.

In the spring of 1999, I broke my right foot at work and Human Resources told me it would be a Work-Comp claim.

I had to be non-weight bearing on that foot, which was casted and could not drive to work.

Well, an elderly individual in upper management did not like me for unknown reasons because everyone liked me where I worked and he decided to negate the Work-Comp claim.

So, with the continuation of pay I received, it was taken out of my retirement and, of course, I was penalized. Distraught and not knowing what to do I resigned.

I could and should have filed a lawsuit on him. I try so hard to succeed in life and I always seem to end up going backwards.

However, I am always trying to go forward!!!

I've been disabled since 1983 with a severe closed head injury having to learn everything all over again, but did not know to get disability benefits until later.

My disabilities include: brain tumor, muscle spasticity, neuralgia, TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and now numbness in both hands.

The muscle and nerve pain occurred after a motor vehicle accident in 1996, in which a drunk driver hit me.

The brain tumor was diagnosed in 2008, also causing hypothyroidism. The hypothyroidism has cleared up and the doctors are watching the tumor.

As for the muscle and nerve pain, it is severe and I take strong medications for some relief. I am looking to get an intrathecal pain pump implanted. Living with this kind of pain is no life.

My disability is permanent.

As I stated, I am homeless, just living where I can. Now that I have such short notice to be out of where I am at and with no money or credit cards I am scared to death.

I have furniture and personal belongings that when I worked I earned. I do not want to lose my things that I have acquired for it is all I have and I hope that soon I can put them into a home.

When I can get into housing, I can then get started with the work aspect. At almost 50 years of age, it is so discouraging that I am not further along in life. I have faith and thus, will continue to persevere.

The Department of Rehabilitation has received permission from my doctors that I can work a part-time employment position.

I would prefer it to be in a home-base setting as it is difficult for me to get ready in the morning, as I am most ill at that time.

Furthermore, I am afraid to drive after being hit by that drunk driver in the middle of the afternoon.

I collect Social Security RSDI disability.

Now I am trying to get a grant to receive a first-time homebuyer's grant.

Catholic Charities is helping me with Meals on Wheels so I have some nutritious lunches. And I go once a month to the Food Shelf as I have already gone through starvation and that was horrible.

I have seen grants for first-time homebuyer's and that is what I so desperately need.

I'd also be interested in any grant monies for additional expenses as I am very far behind with my credit card payments. I would need extra money for moving expenses.

Any information involved with these avenues would be very welcome.

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