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Disabled Husband And Wife Seeking Grant For Overwhelming Medical Expenses

by Sharon
(Sebring, FL, USA)

Sharon and Larry

Sharon and Larry

I am a 56-year-old woman that has lived in Florida for the past 8 years because of my husband and my health. We lived in Maryland all our life till our move here.

It was very hard for us to move because we left all of our family there. In the time we have lived here our children and grandchildren have moved here to be near us.

Unfortunately we have lost my husband's grandmother, and I lost my dad and my brother within 9 months 2 years ago.

The winters were so hard on us and the last one we lived there I was pretty much bedridden.

My mom is now alone and struggling herself so she can't help us. I wish I could help her.

My in-laws have helped us with food and things but they are getting tapped out.

Our only daughter and her husband who moved here to be near us have four children and they can't help us.

Both my husband and I are disabled. My husband became disabled 20 years ago when all the discs in his back blew into his lower spine and gave him nerve damage in his right leg.

He had a back fusion in 1993 with bars, plates and screws. Recently he has been down with his back again.

I have had to take him every week to Winter Park, which is 2 hours one-way from our home.

He has seen specialists and pain doctors, and experienced needles and MRIs.

They have found that the rest of his back has degenerated and he now needs a second fusion.

They will have to take part of the old fusion out and fuse his whole back.

I also am very ill. After my husband was injured I continued to work, raise our daughter, take care of my husband and volunteered at church and with the youth.

I worked until I was 46. I crawled up the steps to work. I did not give up until my employer let me go and I could not get another job because of my health.

I had no recourse but to apply for Social Security Disability. It took 5 years but I got it.

We lived off of the little bit of money we got for our home in Maryland and my husbands social security check.

All of that has long been gone with the medical expenses we have.

I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Degenerative Disc and other back problems, Neuropathy in legs and feet from diabetes, arthritis and complications in other parts of my body from the different diseases I have.

It is always a struggle for us but things have totally gotten out of hand for us in the past year and a half.

Last year I had 2 different cancer scares. I saw 6 different specialists and had so many tests, MRIs, sonograms, etc.

Then the end of last year I tore the meniscus in my knee and was laid up and couldn't walk for about 2 months.

I needed surgery, but put it off as long as I could because we had so many other bills I was trying to pay on.

I finally had to have the surgery in January of this year about the same time my husband was starting with his back again.

We have so many medicals and are so getting behind in other bills that I can't get them paid or even get caught up at this point.

We both have Medicare but no supplemental. We can't afford one. Everything we have done, every doctor every test, blood work, etc. we have to pay the 20%.

It doesn't take long for them to add up. We are both on lots of medicine. I take 2 types of insulin a day. It totals 5 shots a day.

We both have Medicare part D, but our cost adds up, especially both my insulins.

I have tried to get help from the pharmaceutical companies but if you have part D they will not help you.

I spend as much time as my body allows on the computer each day trying to find help in one way or another. So far I have not found any help.

This site is my last resort.

The cost of gas has been up and cost us about $40 every week to go to Winter Haven.

Then I got behind on my normal bills and with late charges and interest and threats to cut off our utilities and things, I don't know where this will end.

We are very sick every day of life and we are both in constant pain even with medication, and the stress of these things does not help us.

We are both so worried and scared right now.

We have always been giving people and not people to ask for help. We didn't always have money to give but gave of our time and talents.

It is killing us to have to ask for help now, but we have no choice.

I have tried to find government and private grants on my own with no results.

I applied for other help and we always seem to be right over the guidelines for everything. We do not live extravagantly or above our means.

We have one home, which we still have a mortgage on. We have one vehicle, which is a 1993 and has 240,000 miles on it.

I pray and thank God every day that it keeps running because we can't get another one and then we will have no transportation.

Neither my husband nor I can work. I think the disabilities and illnesses I have told you about explain why we cannot work.

Both of us would like to still be working if we could. We both had careers that paid us a pretty good salary.

We had health insurance. We could live a nice life self sufficiently.

It is very hard on your mind and emotions when you can't support yourselves anymore.

You lose your self-worth for a while and a lot of other things go on. You don't have the financial stability, and you're going through physical and mental adjustments.

It is quite a bit to deal with and when it happens to both husband and wife, words can't express what we have been through.

It also takes a lot of letting go of your pride to admit and ask for help. That's what I am doing now.

Please someone help my husband and me get back to the point where we can handle things ourselves again. We will be eternally grateful.

I am looking for government or private grants to help with our medical bills and to help us get where we are not behind on anything.

We are looking for help from anyone or agency that will help us, and with humble and grateful hearts.

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