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Disabled HVAC Business Owner Seeking Government Grant To Stay Open

by Russ Boelcke
(Baroda, MI, USA)

I am a 42-year-old owner of a small business, RB Mechanical Contractors, LLC. I'm looking for a government business grant to help me keep my business going.

In December of 2005, I was involved in a serious snowmobile accident, which resulted in a severe head injury, physical disabilities, speech difficulties as well as slight short-term memory problems.

I was in a coma for a little over six months and was bedridden for nearly two years. I had to go to speech and physical therapy to relearn how to talk and walk again.

Not only did all of the above happen, but also my wife of 15 years was cheating on me while I was in a coma and recovery. Then she was nice enough to put the business into debt, because of her selfish act.

We divorced two years ago and she put me deeper into debt. The only good thing that came out of this is that I still have my three wonderful children.

But it's difficult to support them because all the money I make goes to paying off all of the debt she left me with.

I have tried numerous routes by contacting my local governor and city council. I have tried to get Small Business loans, but to no avail due to the debt my ex-wife left me. I can't even get a loan.

I started this business back in 2003 and just before my accident in October of 2005 I had $750,000.00 in sales, owned three vans and had ten employees working for me. I was geared to double my sales in 2006, but that all came to a crushing blow after my accident.

I cannot lose my business; it's all I have. My one dream is to be able to support my children properly and be able to pass my business on to my two sons and my daughter one day.

Please help me get a grant to save my family dream and keep my business going. With much respect, Lawrence (Russ) Boelcke.

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Sep 08, 2010
Help Small Businesses
by: Anonymous

I'd love to see Russ Boelcke, owner of RB Mechanical Contractors, get any sort of grant available to help him retain his business. Times are hard for small businesses right now. Being disabled in this economy doesn't make it any easier. Since Russ' tragic accident in December 2005 times have been hard. He's had to relearn to walk and talk and has STILL been able to keep his business afloat. I'd hate to see him taken down now by the sad effects of our economy. I ask that you please take the time to consider helping him in any way possible so as he can keep his business alive.

Sep 08, 2010
by: Susan Oldenburg

There are too many local "family" type run business trying to make a living in Michigan that just cannot make ends meet in these tough times - and it's just sad, not to mention unacceptable!

I have personally known this business owner for over 20 years, and with all that he has overcome in the last few years, he has persevered, and continued to work hard and try to keep himself and his employees employed!

If anyone deserves to get some help through a grant, I would definitely recommend this hometown company. He deserves the chance to keep this wonderful company going!

Please take this request seriously. I am praying that they get the help they need to keep on serving our community!!

Thank you for your consideration in this matter!

Susan Oldenburg

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