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Disabled HVAC Technician Seeks Small Business Grant Money

by William C. Martin, Sr.
(Benton, KY, USA)

I have done HVAC for 20 years. I was going back to the shop one day. While sitting at a stoplight waiting for it to change green, I was hit from behind at 50 mph.

I have always been a hard worker my whole life, and most of the time go out of my way to help other people. I raised a child by myself from one year old.

I had a back surgery as a result of the wreck. I'm eaten up with arthritis, and 100% deaf in my right ear. No woman wants to have anything to do with me as a result of all this, but I'm still strong in faith in Jesus.

Now the doctors want to put rods in my back, but I'm not going to let them. I know this will only worsen my condition.

I still want to work, but can't. If I had the money, I would open an HVAC supply house. It's a gold mine waiting to happen where I live. You have to drive 30 miles either way for supplies for heating and air conditioning parts and materials.

I thought I would get enough money out of this to open a business. I was misled. I got barely enough to get out of debt and still owe a little. I've looked for information for grants before and got nowhere.

I have the perfect place and have took it at liberty to ask other HVAC people in the area how they think a HVAC supply house would do in this area and they told me the same thing. It would be a gold mine.

I don't want to be on disability the rest of my life. I've done this work long enough to know what the installer needs to complete a job. Every time I did a job, I would have to go to two or three supply houses 30 miles either way to get what I need. So does everybody else.

There is no doubt that an HVAC supply house would be a moneymaking business here. It would boost the economy as well. But without help I can't do it. HEATING AND AIR will always be around no mater how bad the economy is.

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